Are You As Fit As You Would Like To Be?

By Tracey Leslie

During our lives there seems to be a fitness pattern evolving, as kids we ran around like headless chickens for hours on end, with an abundance of energy.  Then we hit our teens, the exercise may wane but the body image is highly important! In our mid-twenties/thirties we need to keep up appearances and may do the ‘odd’ exercise class, purely to keep the image going, there are no aspirations to be a marathon runner, we just need to be toned.  Our mid-forties/fifties suddenly see us realise the importance of exercise on our health, realising that we need to add in strength training, mobility and endurance to our weekly workouts, we also need to make sure that our bodies don’t get stuck in a rut and that the workouts are varied.

I think we also realise as we age the importance of keeping our minds young, our brains stimulated and our bodies supple!

Looking after your body

When we are younger we run/cycle/swim and try every sport under the sun. We may stretch quickly and then off we go to the next ‘thing’with no consequences. As we age the importance of yoga/pilates for exercise alongside treating yourself to a massage has fantastic benefits on our bodies; our bodies tire easily as we age and we need to treat them well, a facial, pedicure, reflexology….. are all relaxing therapies in their own right and we deserve them!

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What’s achievable?

Sadly as we age our body is also more susceptible to injuries, fatigue and joint pains, this is when we need to listen and not push beyond our capabilities.  It seems crazy to say “I could do that in my 40’s” but sadly our tendons decrease in flexibility, bone density and body mass drop dramatically. It’s the muscle mass that burn off the calories when at rest, so we need to keep lifting those dumbbells!   A long slow run is now a thing of the past and the latest trend is a quick HIIT session, raising the heart rate and burning fat although, a day’s rest in between may now be needed!

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Don’t give up

The key is no matter what you do, don’t give up!  Challenge yourself, it is so easy to put your trainers on and think, shall I go for a walk or run? Then your mind starts to tell you why the best thing to do is walk, but you push yourself for the run, although you are in two minds about the route, should it incorporate the hill you hate or should you stay flat? Don’t let your mind win! You start the run, arms feel like lead, feet are dragging, heart rate rising, stop! Stop now! Your mind is telling your body – “boy, I want to”, but no I keep going and decide I am going to conquer that hill today! I up my pace the run flies by and the feeling is amazing afterwards!! It pays to push yourself! No matter what it is, lifting those weights, one more sit-up, another squat, a long walk rather than round the block, or a walk rather than the sofa!! The endorphins released and health benefits are worth the effort.

Where to get started

Joe Wicks has been a positive inspiration for many men and women over the last few years, with his cookbooks, (which I am totally besotted by!). His HIIT workouts, which are so easy to follow, you can choose one that suits your needs for that day and they give you an all over workout, his body transformations are fantastic with both men and women of all ages taking on the challenge.

INSPIRATION ALERT 👉🏼 Start your 90 Day transformation at (link in bio) 😊 “I'd resigned myself to an extra 14lbs gained since I turned 50 2 years ago. I wasn't happy about it but all my usual 'tricks', cutting all carbs etc., failed to sort it out. I continued to train but couldn't shift the extra fat, it was all a bit upsetting really but figured age was doing it's thing and I had to accept my new more rounded 'menopause' shape! I'd seen the Boadycoach plan out there so after Xmas I decided to join (and roped hubbie in too) and give it the 90 days. The plan exceeded my expectations. I think my pictures say it all. I've lost all concern with what the scales say and only focus on what I can see in the pics. It's easy to become distracted by the scales so I'd advise anyone to take the advise of 'staying off the sad step' seriously. Working alongside my husband made it easier to motivate towards exercsie and if one of us felt less than enthusiastic, the other would drag us both into the training, we always felt happy afterwards and truly loved the workouts. The support groups out there are inspirational and you never feel alone. I'd recommend anyone to get on this plan. It works like nothing I've ever used and will happily continue to apply the principles for life now. I feel healthier, lighter (both physically and mentally) and fit!” 😊😊🔥🔥🙌🏻🙌🏻💪🏼💪🏼 WOW!! What an incredible transformation from Rachael @mrsslacko on the #90dayplan 🙌🏻 You have absolutely smashed it Rachael and that smile says it all 😊 You look fantastic and you should be so proud of yourself 🙌🏻 What an inspiration 😊 Shout out to you and your husband for supporting each other on your journeys 🙌🏻💪🏼 #90dayplan #fitness #thebodycoach #leanin15 #fitspo #health #nutrition #instagood #instagram

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