#AgeAmazing Profile – Zarina Cretney, 58

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Name: Zarina Cretney | Age: 58

Tell us a little about yourself:

I’m 58 and 11/12ths ok …so  59. I’m joint owner of a Cartmel Lodge park and Cartmel Coffee, two businesses based in Cartmel (funny enough) South Lakes. Moved from South Manchester to Cartmel 6 years ago, and though I struggled to adjust to country life … I think I’m just about there.  Moving from an international IT company to running a campsite was a huge learning curve …as I’d not camped in a tent since I was in the girl guides … However, I got my head round it, turned the campsite into a Lodge Park, and recently decided to open a coffee shop with ‘a new bestie’ that I’ve met since moving to Cartmel.

I love the outdoors, travelling, and socialising both at home and out and about.   Most of all I love a challenge and as most of my friends tend to be younger than me, they push me out of my comfort zone without a doubt. I hate to fail … and I like to set myself a new challenge each year … so I’ve: – run a half marathon, tried open water swimming, done pole dancing, drunk my body weight in gin/bubbles, sold lodges, done barista training, done white water rafting, and climbed Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru(with shingles but didn’t know it at the time)  to name a few.

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Describe your health and beauty philosophy?

I truly believe beauty comes from within … if you’re happy and smile a lot it definitely makes you feel better. However, I also think generally being nice, kind and helpful is part of my own personal beauty philosophy. You have to love yourself and believe you’re beautiful if you want someone else to think the same. I also think that age is a number and you are as young as you feel.

I try to be around positive people who laugh and like to have fun. It’s contagious.

I try to eat healthily, by eating lots of fruit,  vegetables and proteins, drink enough water. I’d love to get more sleep, but since going through the menopause, this has been very difficult.

My downfall without a doubt is chocolate and gin. Though I do try hard to moderate both, I think you have to have some treats!!

Have you made any big changes to yourself to help you feel good, eg hair, weight, diet, surgery, treatments?

I haven’t made any real changes to myself over the years.  I’ve always looked after my hair and get it cut regularly.  I’m happy to make changes to colour and styles within reason but am lazy so it needs to be something that’s quick to wash and style.  

I’ve never been, nor ever will be, ‘thin’.  I’m healthy and watch what I eat, but I also ‘live life’. I’d love to be thinner, but know if I really wanted to be I would lose weight.   I’d never have any surgery, I’m too scared.  I always thought I would, but I’m of an age where some surgery may now ‘help’ – but I couldn’t.  I do like spas and beauty treatments …

Do you find any part of maturing tough?

Yes !! I don’t like getting old.  I hate that when I’ve done a run – my knees ache, I hate that the first few steps in the morning are ‘stiff’, I hate that I have to get up in the night to pee .  I hate that it takes me days to get over a hangover. I don’t like that the younger girls in a circuit class can lift heavier weights or do more burpees haha …

Joking aside, I am aware that I may only have another 20+ years to do the things that I want to … I want to walk the Great Wall of China, I want to climb to Macha Pichu.  I’m struggling with remembering how mature I actually am.  For example, I’ll be 60 in 13 months and have just bought a coffee shop where I’m having to work 6 days a week.  There are days when I ask why ?? And think it’s because in my head I still feel in my 30’s and can’t imagine that years ago, people were retiring at my age …I still feel like I should be working for years to come.

Is there anything you wish you had done or not done in the past, that impacts how you feel today?

No – there’s no point in looking back and having regrets.  I believe that we make decisions at times in lives and they feel right then … they may not be with hindsight, but they were then.

Is there any area of your beauty and well-being you would like to improve?

I’d like to be more tolerant of ‘idiots’ though my husband would say that’s impossible … !!  

Who is your pro ageing icon?

Judy Dench or Helen Mirren

How do you feel about your age now v your youth?

I’m happier now and I have a confidence I lacked when I was younger.  I’m proud of what I’ve achieved to date and hope there’s still more to come.

What’s are your favourite beauty products on your bathroom shelf?

Aldi’s Caviar Face wash, serum plus day and night cream.  They cost peanuts, but are the best I’ve tried – and I have tried many!

What lifestyle habits are most important to you?

Being honest with myself and others, being happy, eating well, treating myself to nice holidays. Accepting what you can and can’t do.

What are the biggest health/beauty routines you follow?

Exercising, eating well and laughing as much as possible.

What’s the best piece of ageing well advice you’ve heard/you follow? 

Do everything in moderation- that means you get to do the naughty stuff too !!

What’s your must-have product/surgery/treatment/activity?

Hand cream / none / massage / walking or running

What is your approach to diet and exercise?

I would like to do more of both

What advice would you give your younger self?

Sh*t happens, it’s not always your fault, accept it, learn from and start all over again.

Where’s your go-to place to relax?


What’s your best tip for ageing well?

Have fun and never believe you’re too old to try something new. Push yourself out of your comfort zone.


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