Sandra Smith, 62 – Age Amazing Profile

Name: Sandra Smith | Age: 62

Tell us a little about yourself:

I am 62 years old, have run 4 London marathon’s 1 for each of my children and 1 for me!! I love fitness and spent many years rolling around the mud doing British Military Fitness, including spending time in Cyprus using the army’s facilities and fitness camps. In recent years I have dedicated time to Insanity, a very high impact HIIT style workout. I have three working gun dogs and walk for miles on shoots, finishing up with large chunks of cake!! To relieve the aching muscles I often sign up to a 30-day hot yoga challenge!

Have you made any big changes to yourself to help you feel good?

I keep up to date with my hair colouring and cuts, I am a vegetarian by choice, but like a glass or two of red wine!!

Do you find any part of maturing tough?

Only old injuries otherwise not at all.

Is there anything you wish you had done or not done in the past, that impacts how you feel today?

I probably could have done with stretching more when I was younger!

Who is your pro ageing icon?

Sophie Lauren.

How do you feel about your age now vs. your youth?

I’m happy with how I’m ageing, although I wouldn’t say no to a pair of new knees! All that running!!

What’s are your favourite beauty products on your bathroom shelf?


What lifestyle habits are most important to you?

I love being with my family and my dogs out in the fresh air.

What’s your must-have product/surgery/treatment/activity?

Fresh air!

What is your approach to diet and exercise?

A little of anything you fancy won’t hurt!

What advice would you give your younger self?

I should’ve stretched more!! And I wouldn’t have worshipped the sun as much as I did! I now use SPF50 everyday, including the winter months!

Where’s your go-to place to relax?

Out in the country with my dogs.

What’s your best tip for ageing well?

Looking after your skin at a young age, don’t sit for hours in the sun.


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