#AgeAmazing Profile – Nigel Edginton-Vigus, 53

Name: Nigel Edginton-Vigus | Age: 53


Tell us a little about yourself:

Well, I’m a 53-year-old bloke and I work as Head of Owned Content Copy at a great ad agency in London called GTB: it’s a job I love. I’m very active so I live for the gym, circuits, HIIT training, karate and mountain biking. I also like drumming. Background? Bad at school, good at art college, better at work. I’m divorced, but I’m now with my true soulmate (moral being, you’re never too late to find the right person). I’ve got two amazing kids, one in her 20s one in his teens. And I reckon my greatest achievements are becoming a dad, getting a black belt in karate and remaining alive.   

Describe your health and beauty philosophy?

Over the years I’ve learned to respect my mind, body and soul, and to keep all those elements nourished, stimulated and healthy. As for beauty, I work with what I’ve got. I think I spend more time telling my fiancée she’s gorgeous, doesn’t look ‘old’ and doesn’t need to apply layers of makeup to look great than worrying about myself.  

Have you made any big changes to yourself to help you feel good, eg hair, weight, surgery, treatments?

On a first date, a woman said how much she liked “good teeth.” Mindful of the fact I was a red wine and black coffee drinker, I decided to go for the only cosmetic treatment I think I’ll ever have: whitening. Vain or keen to win a woman’s, heart? Well, as I’m marrying Michelle in July, I think it was a sign of true love. And thankfully, she likes the rest of me too.

Do you find any part of maturing tough?

Physically, I do a lot of sport and when I’m injured I get frustrated at the length of time it takes to recover. Mentally, I think I’m increasingly aware that I’m past half way through my life and that can be a sobering thought.

Is there anything you wish you had done or not done in the past, that impacts how you feel today?

Getting divorced a few years ago was the right thing to do. But I regret the impact this had on my kids. All the legal wrangling and conflict was a complete waste of time: I’d much rather have been doing something more positive, constructive or joyful. So this had more of a psychological impact than anything.

Is there any area of your beauty and well-being you would like to improve?

Hey, we’re born with what we’re given, right? I’ve learned to be comfortable with that… and grateful. I did lose a lot of weight post my dad’s death (and I’m slim already). So my missus has been busy trying to help me put some kilos back on via her amazing cooking. Problem is, I exercise a lot so it may be a losing battle!

Who is your pro ageing icon?

I’m not sure she’s actively pro ageing as such, but I  admire Cindy Gallop. The woman’s a powerhouse: strong, wise, outspoken, entrepreneurial and provocative. And mature. She founded MakeLoveNotPorn.TV and because it’s a platform for real world sex (for all ages and genders) it’s empowering to feel there’s recognition that people over 30 still have sex.

How do you feel about your age now v your youth?

I probably wish I’d been more aware of the benefits of youth when I was younger: more celebratory of the time. Now, I get why it’s said that youth is wasted on the young.

What’s are your favourite beauty products on your bathroom shelf?

I live with two women in the house. So I haven’t got anything on a shelf or any other surface in the bathroom. I can’t move for cleansers, foundations, moisturisers, lippy and countless other tonics, potions and creams. That plus more brushes and accessories than you can shake a stick at. Seriously, we’re better stocked than a medium sized Boots. I was allocated a little basket by the bathroom sink. All I’ve got inside is a roll-on deodorant, some hair wax, a pair of nail clippers and an electric beard trimmer. Piled on top of those meagre belongings is a mountain of more of their stuff.  

What lifestyle habits are most important to you?

Staying fit and healthy is my number one priority: I don’t want to lose time later because I haven’t taken care of myself now. A little of what you fancy… that’s probably a motto that I live by. And I think sleep, love and sex all play a vital role in enjoying a good, satisfying lifestyle.

What are the biggest health/beauty routines you follow?

Sorry. I’m not exactly metrosexual in terms of grooming or beauty routines. Using styling wax and having my missus’ moisture and night cream rubbed into me is about as sophisticated as it gets. On the other hand, my exercise routines are planned and executed with military precision. Swings and roundabouts, eh?

What’s the best piece of ageing well advice you’ve heard/you follow? 

Don’t waste an erection.

What’s your must-have product/surgery/treatment/activity?

Sure for men deodorant, Aussie shampoo and VO5 Styling Wax (although these days I’m starting to get less hair to style). There’s also a Leighton Denny crystal nail file that I nick out of Michelle’s handbag. If you haven’t got one, sort it out: it’s brilliant. As for the rest, Michelle and her daughter apply stuff to me. But God knows what it all is.  

What is your approach to diet and exercise?

Personally, I’m a main course, rather than a starter, main and dessert type of guy. But I don’t count calories and I detest the very idea of diets. Eat well, sleep well and exercise frequently is my view. Thanks to my fiancée I’ve learned how to enjoy food which, in the past, I’ve thought of as little more than fuel. And I do enjoy a nice glass or two of sauvignon blanc. It’s a simple approach all round really.

What advice would you give your younger self?

Enjoy it while it lasts.

Where’s your go-to place to relax?

I’m sorry if this sounds a bit cheesy, but the only place I ever relax (or want to relax) is in my fiancee’s arms. It’s a beautiful place.

What’s your best tip for ageing well?

Embrace the madness, don’t beat yourself up over a process you can’t control or reverse, look after yourself and keep your mind young. But if I had to choose one thing, I’d say have as much sex as you possibly can.


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