#AgeAmazing Profile – Adele Mitchell, 53

An image of Adele sitting with her mountain bike and her quote superimposed, 'the joy of cycling is timeles'.

Name: Adele Mitchell | Age: 53

Tell us a little about yourself:

Age: 53. I’m a Rejuvage contributing beauty editor, mountain biker and mum (not always in that order!).

Describe your health and beauty philosophy?

Defy expectations!

Have you made any big changes to yourself to help you feel good?

I stopped colouring my hair and allowed it to be naturally grey – it’s actually a lovely colour and a much nicer texture as a result.

Is there anything you wish you had done or not done in the past, that impacts how you feel today?

I wish I’d travelled more – but I’m looking forward to the adventures still to be had!

Is there any area of your beauty and well-being you would like to improve?

I always want to be a little faster on my bike!

Who is your pro ageing icon?

My friends who continue to be kick-ass regardless of the number of birthdays that they’ve had! And Kim Cattrell because she totally owns her age.

How do you feel about your age now vs. your youth?

I’m still the same person, I just look a bit different.

What’s are your favourite beauty products on your bathroom shelf?

I’m in awe of the transformative power of lipstick and am slightly obsessed with choosing the right colour.

What lifestyle habits are most important to you?

Fitness, fun and friendships – all essentials for both physical and mental health.

What’s the best piece of ageing well advice you’ve heard/you follow? 

That we’re lucky to have the opportunity to age! Not everyone makes it, unfortunately.

What’s your must-have product?


What is your approach to diet and exercise?

I eat for health and enjoyment – same goes for exercise.

What advice would you give your younger self?

So much advice!! I doubt I would have listened to any of it, though!

Where’s your go-to place to relax?

The great outdoors, or a hot bath.

What’s your best tip for ageing well?

Have fun.


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