Anti-Ageing In Your 20s: What To Do

Anti-ageing products are often overkill when you’re in your 20s, if you’re panicked by the emergence of a fine line or wrinkles don’t feel you need to splurge hundreds of pounds on expensive wrinkle-reducing wonder creams as they won’t have much impact. It’s key in your 20s to simply stay healthy and stay protected.

This means products with antioxidants are very important to use as early as possible, as they protect the skin from free radicals.

Sun protection is also a necessity early on, sun exposure contributes to the majority of extrinsic ageing, in a study of 300 women the results showed the sun causes 80% of skin ageing. This doesn’t mean overexposure, but general contact with daylight whether that be from an office window or a daily dog walk, it’s best to wear suncream regularly and avoid the sun during peak hours (Although note that overuse of suncream can congest pores and block vitamin D exposure!).

What to do in your 20s?

“The best way to prevent aging for young skin is to use sunscreen every single day of the year, eat a rich diet in antioxidants to prevent aging from the inside, and always, always, always use product exclusively formulated for your skin type.” Renee Rolou talking to Instyle.

Implement these tips into your routine to prevent premature ageing and start nourishing your skin!

  • Exfoliating is still important, once to twice a week to remove any residue residing on the surface of your skin and to promote collagen renewal!
  • Use an eye cream if bags and puffiness have become a problem. Try one that includes soothing botanicals and ingredients to reduce puffiness, like caffeine
  • Stay hydrated with plenty of water everyday-  add lemon for an extra cleansing boost
  • Cleanse your skin daily to ensure you are removing any bacteria and dirt that may have collected on your face. Particuarly before bed, sleeping with your makeup on is extremely damaging to your skin
  • Use a serum or moisturiser containing antioxidants to fight off free radicals and prevent premature ageing!

And that’s all there really is to it, here are our favourite products for your anti-ageing skincare routine.

Our Favourite ‘Anti-Ageing in Your 20s’ Products:

Clarins UV Plus Day Screen Multi-Protection SPF50

Suncream: Clarins UV Plus Day Screen Multi-Protection SPF50 (30ml) £32.00

An ultra-light sunscreen formula for daily use, with a rich formula of plant extracts to nourish the skin.

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturiser

Moisturiser: Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturiser  (75ml) £15.50

A light and effective moisturiser with vitamins A and E, formulated for all skin types.

L’Oreal Paris Dermo Expertise Revitalift Eye Cream

Eye Cream: L’Oreal Paris Dermo Expertise Revitalift Eye Cream (15ml) £19.99

A soothing eye cream with caffeine to refresh the eye and reduce the appearance of bags.

Clarins Gentle Exfoliator Brightening Toner

Exfoliator: Clarins Gentle Exfoliator Brightening Toner (125ml) £26.00

A gentle exfoliator using fruit extracts to eliminate impurities.

Antioxidant boost: PureOrganica Vitamin C Serum

Antioxidant boost: PureOrganica Vitamin C Serum £9.99

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant which will protect your skin from free radicals. They are anti-inflammatory and helps to reverse sun damage. Sunscreen and an antioxidant rich serum will provide you all the protection you need.

You’re Good To Go.

That’s all you really need to see you through your 20s. This routine will provide you with that crucial protection from free radicals while nourishing the skin and ensuring it’s healthy.



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