My Waitrose Surprise Face Mask

I came across this face mask in Waitrose by accident, as I was only popping in for some quick emergency rations.

The packaging seemed to jump out at me, as I’m a big fan of Moroccan Argan oil and often use these products on my hair. I had also heard lots about the benefits of clay, this was combined with a 100% blend of Moroccan Argan Oil with 4 other oils, Baobab, Kukui, Moringa and Sacha Inchi. Rich in vitamin C and essential fatty acids the ingredients impressed me, as did the promise of boosting elasticity and intense moisturising, which was just what I needed.

So on a rare kid-free Saturday I ran a long bath and gently smoothed it over my clean face.

I’ve always been disappointed by home face masks, but this one went on really easily, with a soft, smooth texture. I could gradually feel it tightening, with a gentle stimulating sensation from the clay with I liked, I left it on for a good 10 minutes. Then I gently washed it, it came off easily in warm water, unlike many, I have tried before. Then I treated my hair next to a Kerastase resistance masque too.

My face was feeling really cleansed, uplifted and very smooth, just like the marketing claims. When I came to apply my makeup I was a little surprised my face did not feel more moisturised, so I put on my normal moisturising routine. Maybe next time I need to apply more of the mask to see if this moisturises more. The mask smelt nice and afterwards I was feeling fresh faced! This girl loves a bit of home treatments.

So overall I found the mask great value and uplifting. I guess it’s unrealistic to think one mask treatment will work too many miracles. I’m looking forward to relaxing with it on again soon.


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