Top Tips To Rejuvenate Your Hands

Hands are most susceptible to the signs of ageing, they are constantly exposed without proper protection and often forgotten about. They serve as an accurate insight towards your real age, promoting all the signs of every well-lived year in the form of wrinkles and sun spots. The skin on your hands and face are more similar than you’d think, so your hands deserve just as much attention and care.

As we age the subcutaneous fat disappears. We lose the volume and plumpness in our hands, revealing the bulgy veins underneath as the collagen and elastin structures that once held the skin degrade with age.

So How Can You Treat This?

Dermal fillers or a fat transfer would be the best option. Both of which have the same result, making the hands appear fuller and plumper, but the latter lasting permanently, whereas fillers last 9 – 18 months.

A fat transfer harvests fat from an obscure source (inner thigh, flanks) while under local anaesthetic and injects this into the hands. Dermal fillers inject hyaluronic acid to restore volume the soft tissues had lost with age. Both are extremely effective methods, and walk in, walk out procedures.

If you want a less invasive and expensive approach, try changing your lifestyle. Similar to your face, diet is a pivotal factor in the health of your hand skin, any rough patches and crepey skin may be down to lack of fatty acids in your diet. Incorporate a mix of healthy greens and whole foods and have a look at our top 8 anti-ageing superfoods, take your pick of a few of these and you’ll have a diet optimised for combating the signs of age for both beauty and wellbeing!


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On top of a healthy diet, give your hands that well-needed care with an anti-ageing hand cream. For this one go with Hand Chemistry Intense Youth Complex, a best-seller with proven effects at a reasonable price, claiming to help firmness, elasticity, density, evenness, brightness, texture, smoothness and hydration.

The cream includes a copper peptide to stimulate collagen, a mushroom derivative more hydrating than hyaluronic acid and plantago lanceolata to brighten those sun spots. A myriad of good reviews and press led us towards this one, making an ambitious promise to take off 10 years in 10 days, which the cream does seem to deliver!


With the skin-ruining cold temperatures of winter right around the corner, it’s about time you gave your hands the proper care and protection they need.


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