Beditation – The Easy Way To Achieve Mindfulness in 2017


How Do I ‘Beditate’?

Shorter says simply after waking up to “Lie in bed and let the sounds and sensations of the morning wash over you.”

That’s all there is too it, there are no rules to beditation. It can last however long you want.  Rather than trying to silence the mind you can be aware of thoughts but simply let them come and pass, it doesn’t matter if they linger. The goal is simply to have a moment of peacefulness in the morning, a much more positive way to start your day.

It’s a great way to counteract stress and a peaceful way to prepare you for the day. Beditation shifts your mind from the beta frequency of a busy mind, incurred by that morning social media scroll,  to the calm state of alpha. Also helping to improve our concentration while combating anxiety.

It’s so simple and well worth a try!


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Beditation is the newest craze for 2017, coined by author Laurence Shorter in his latest book, ‘The Lazy Guru’.

What Is Beditation?

As Shorter explains, beditation refers to “simply a moment of morning mindlessness”.  Rather than waking up to an influx of thoughts and worries about the day’s obligations, beditation is an aim to break the habit, and help you start the day in a much more positive and peaceful way.

If like many of us the first thing you do after waking up is reach your phone, then stop. Being greeted by a long list of notifications stimulate the brain, some triggering stress and apprehension, as Shorter mentions, “Everything we read or watch triggers a response.”


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