Is Testosterone The New Drug Of Choice For Women Over 50?

Testosterone is the go-to drug for mature women to boost sex drive.

Keeping our hormones balanced is a must for all women in order to keep your body and mind functioning healthily. It’s why the menopause is considered such a significant part of a woman’s life. It’s the time where hormone levels drop dramatically which can wreak havoc towards our well-being.

Symptoms include hot flushes, fatigue, night sweats, weight gain, loss of libido, depression, anxiety and difficulty concentrating to name a few. Without the right treatment, the menopause can devastate your quality of life as the hormones responsible for our many aspects of our wellness decline.

Testosterone is a hormone many women lack, and gradually falls as we age, so by the time we reach the menopause we are likely to already have much lower levels of the sex hormone.

It’s no surprise that hormones like testosterone are a hit with women post-menopause. The sex hormone is often prescribed alongside other oestrogen and progesterone as a part of HRT.

It won’t make you ‘manly’

We may think it’s ‘male’ hormone but testosterone is also the dominant hormone in women.  Females have 20 times more of the hormone than oestrogen.

There’s no need to worry about excess body hair suddenly sprouting, developing an aggressive temperament or a deepened voice. These are uncommon side effects, and the testosterone prescribed will just replace the hormone that has been depleted.

What does it do?

An image of prescribed testosterone for women.

‘Testim’, the doctor-prescribed testosterone gel.

Improving sex drive is the main function of testosterone. Users also report the hormone to restore vibrancy, energy levels, thicker hair and improve skin texture.

After taking the hormone Kim explains to the Daily Mail, ‘Almost immediately I felt sharper… I began losing weight and my energy went up. It’s not instantaneous but I soon realised that I was starting to feel interest in being sexual again.’

Clinical studies show it boosts the impact of oestrogen, as a result, combats many of the symptoms associated with the menopause. This includes loss of bone density, any psychological symptoms and weight gain.

‘Testosterone is very important for our libido, it’s also good for mood-energy concentration. In addition, it helps with our bone strength and our muscle strength as well. Some people find that without testosterone even with having the right type of HRT they still suffer from the symptoms, so people find taking testosterone makes a big difference in their quality of life.’ says menopause expert and GP, Dr Louise Newson to Rejuvage.

Actress and fitness guru, Jane Fonda is another advocate. She took testosterone to boost her libido and explained she has had the best sex of her life at 71, ‘it made ‘a huge difference’ she remarked.

Loss of libido impacts 15% of menopausal women and in 2015 GPs wrote over 374,000 prescriptions for testosterone. A number that’s only increasing with more and more women opting for the hormone every year.

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What are your experiences with the menopause? Have you tried HRT or testosterone therapy? We’d love to hear from you, let us know in the comments!


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