Helena Redwood – Starting Your Wellness Journey

Helena Redwood is a health and fitness expert with a background in fitness instruction, nutrition (weight loss and weight management), yoga (for adults and young people) and massage therapy. We’re inspired by her attitude towards wellness and bettering ourselves. Check out her tips on where to start with wellness!

Are you best that you can be or could you be better?

Whilst you give this question some serious thought, I will throw a few more into the mix.

To do or not to do?

Wellness and well-being is an important part of your present and future. What we do now to address these two key areas makes a huge difference in the way we handle ourselves in everyday life and as we get older.

How many of us want to improve ourselves but put up that invisible barrier so that we remain stuck and rooted to the spot, having that same conversation year in year out about how we are going to change things? Whether you want to be a more streamlined, happier, confident and emotionally resilient version of your current self, it has to come from you.

When is the right time?

The starting point is at the beginning and the time is now. It’s easy to make excuses, so even though you have given it some thought and talked the talk, the process never actually gets under way until it finally hits you. “I need to do this NOW because it is really important to me.”

It’s a team effort

Do it! Get the ball rolling and make things happen. Surround yourself with and talk to friends, family and colleagues who want to see you succeed in whatever it is you want to achieve.

All goal setters have to make that long over-due journey and your path might not be an easy one, but your amazing support network will pick you up if you fall. When you look like you are on course for your destination they will provide you with the encouragement you need to get closer. On arrival, they will applaud your success and help celebrate your achievement. These people are very important and will always be there for you.


Find something or someone who motivates and inspires you as this is the key to staying on track. The question I have always found difficult to answer is “what keeps you motivated?” For me, it’s being passionate about what I believe in and wanting to achieve. Even though our success can be measured by what we see, nothing can begin to describe the feeling that comes with achievement.

Whilst some of us need that gentle nudge to make a start, as we continue to hit those important milestones we begin to realise how much we can do for ourselves. Self-motivation is a powerful tool, allowing us to be independent and take responsibility for our actions.

So, are you the best that you can be?

If you feel you could be better, then it’s time for your journey to begin.

Find out more about Helena by visitng her website: www.helenaredwood.co.uk/

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