#SmearForSmear 2018 – Cervical Cancer Prevention Week

Ladies, Listen up!

You’ll wax your bikini line … but you won’t get a smear! A smear test takes away 5 minutes of your day and could save your life!

The recent number of women attending life-saving smear tests has hit a 20-year low in the UK according to NHS figures. The figures reveal that cervical cancer screening coverage fell from 72.7% to 72% in the last year with 1.4 million women missing their tests.

Now, the cancer charity Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust is determined to increase awareness with the #SmearForSmear campaign encouraging women who have taken their test to post selfies and share on social media with a lipstick smear.

This campaign will run throughout Cervical Cancer Week from 22nd to 28th January hoping that one woman’s post might just provide encouragement and positivity to other women and remind them of the importance of being tested for Cervical Cancer.

The main risk factor for developing cervical cancer is not being regularly tested. It is easily preventable and the signs that may develop can be spotted early in a smear test and can be treated before it even gets worse.

Consultant gynaecologist at the Montefiore Hospital, explains, “While around 750 women each year die from cervical cancer in the UK, it appears that nearly 1.5 million women a year are missing out on their tests.”

Women aged 25 – 49 are invited to attend a cervical screening, or smear tests every three years; those aged 50-64 are invited every five years. The screening can identify abnormal (pre-cancerous cells) in the cervix in order to prevent cervical cancer.

The routine of attending a smear test should be an important part of every woman’s health regime, but many miss out due to self-consciousness and fears of embarrassment. Early detection is key to increasing survival rates, so educating everyone about this disease and everything that comes with it is extremely important.

It’s crucial to spread this message to all your female companions as it could save lives. Book your smear test today and tell your friends and family to do it too!

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