Rejuvage Celebrates Women’s Day 2017

Rejuvage Founder, Louise Proddow visits Parliament Hill School to talk to the students about and reflects on her journey from leaving school to women entrepreneur for International Women’s Day.

Happy Women’s Day! It was a joy today to spend time with the students at Parliament Hill School, sharing my journey from the shy Lancashire lass to an entrepreneur, mother, sister and friend.

It made me reflect that most of us have ups and downs, that success is not about money, it’s not about where you have come from. It’s the inspiring people and experiences that shape you. What is important is believing in yourself, working hard at something you love.

I remember being frustrated by myself as I grew up because I could not spell (still can’t), back then dyslexia was not so recognised -but my quirky brain has been a gift. As I shared my experiences with this diverse, energised group of girls, what I feel is important is working with people you share the same values as you, all working and playing hard together as a team.

It’s the friends I made at Sun Microsystems, Gyro, Nokia &  Tweak that really are the highlights of my career. These are all companies and people that embrace diversity, equality and empowerment. We are all different, we all have flaws and make mistakes, the people around me have lifted me up when I needed it and I try and do the same.



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