The Pro-Age Instagram Fashion Tribes

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The Pro-age Instagram fashion tribes

We love the pro-age fashion bloggers on Instagram because they each have their own unique style.

Some are super-friendly and full of great advice so that it’s like following our best friends, while others are so aspirational and individual that we can’t help but feel that, like the cool girls at school, they’d sashay straight past us in the street (but still we love them!).

And then there are the beautiful people we all want to look like, and the fashionistas who can style an outfit in ways we only dream of.

So who’s who? We’ve shortlisted our 12 favourite 40-plus Instagram fashion stars.

The Best Friends…


Kat is a ‘fashion writer trying to straddle the line between mutton and frump’. We love this account for its honesty, humour – and amazing style that inspires us with every image.


Alyson Walsh is an expert fashion journalist and author with a ‘just right’ midster style that is always on-trend, as well as a spot-on opinion on what to wear.


40 plus style blogger Catherine Summers is into ‘colour and anti-age appropriateness’. Her hashtag #iwillwearwhatilike encourages us to own our own style.

The Beautiful People…


Hilary is an American model who not only has the most incredible bikini body and mane of grey hair  – but also the most enviably beautiful grin. Not afraid to go make up free, she is just gorgeous.


An Australian blogger who says “Turning 50 does not define me. The only time age matters is when you choose the wine and cheese. I aim to show you everything in between” … whilst also looking absolutely amazing.


US based Diane is in her mid-40s and a style blogger and fitness lover who also has a master’s degree (possibly in casual style!).

The Fashionista sisters


Greet Moens is a 49 year-old image stylist, personal shopper and colour connoisseur from Belgium.

She personifies ‘continental flair’, and we adore her super cute pixie hair cut too.


55 year-old Lisa Hale is a US based stylist and make up artist who is not afraid to experiment with a pop of colour. We love her blue/grey hair too!


‘Everything you see me wearing I have made…apart from my footwear!’

Paula has a wardrobe of amazing outfits, and all are handmade. We are in awe.


As likely to be draped in a snake as a pair of punky combat trousers, 62 year-old Sarah Jane Adams is so cool that, despite having 151k followers, she doesn’t follow anyone herself.


Vanessa is a model with, as her account name suggests, a truly iconic sense of style and great taste in sunglasses.


A Japanese couple in their 60s, who have been together for 37 years and dress to coordinate with each other. Frankly, Instagram doesn’t get any better than this account.

Keep a head of the latest style and trends and follow these midster fashionistas to stay inspired!


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