Nicole Kidman Turns 50 & Her Career Is Only Just Getting Started

Nicole Kidman turns 50 today and in the year accompanying her milestone birthday, the actress is having a career renaissance.

In an interview with the Daily Telegraph, she said of turning 50: “It feels sort of like an accomplishment. But I still try to conduct myself with the abandon of a 21-year-old.”

It’s been a great year for Kidman, with a career spanning three decades, she is still at the forefront of the film industry.

2017 has been a massive year for the actress, including another Oscar nom for her supporting role in “Lion” followed by a string of critically acclaimed films including “Killing Of The Sacred Deer” and “The Beguiled” by director Sofia Coppola.

Talking about her year Kidman explains, “It’s been a wonderful year for me. Things work in mysterious ways, right? And I’m just thankful to have been given all this in the year I turn 50.”

The star has more in the pipeline, currently playing Queen Atlanna in the blockbuster, “Aquaman” due to be released next year.

The actress explains she’ll be hanging  “with my divine husband and my kids.” Kidman is married to musician Keith Urban and the couple share two daughters in addition to her adopted children, Isabella and Connor from her decade-long marriage with Tom Cruise. Kidman describes her children as a “driving force in her life”.

At the 2017 Glamour Awards, the actress remarks, “I want to tell all the women out there—it is not over at 40. It begins. And it even begins more at 50″.

50 is a new and colourful stage in life, a cumulative point of decades of past experience and a time where people often experience a creative resurgence. It’s not the end but a new beginning and we’re excited to see what post-50 life holds for Kidman, happy birthday!


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