The Best Natural Ways To Beat Under-Eye Bags

Has someone mistakenly asked if you’re ill or tired when you’re feeling great? We’ve all been there, and a good reason for this may be your eyes and how they look. The two culprits for exhausted looking eyes are dark circles and puffiness.

Dark circles are the result of thin skin revealing the blue and red hues of the blood vessels underneath. Eye puffiness is caused by fluid retention which casts a shadow underneath the eyes making us look tired.

The reasons we get bags and dark circles are down to genetics, age and tiredness. Everyone is susceptible to the odd sleepless night, meaning it’s something we all suffer from, but the unfortunate realities are genetics could have provided you with thin skin underneath the eyes, making them a regular appearance.  

The final reason is age, where the skin loses its elasticity over time and becomes thinner and less plump revealing those blood reveals.  Unfortunately, that’s not it, the lower fat pad underneath the eye increases with age meaning a perpetual,  translucent bag.

So what’s the best natural ways to get rid of eye bags and dark circles?

Use An Extra Pillow

Sleep on another for better blood flow, stop the overnight build up making your blood vessels more prominent and contributing towards that swollen appearance.

Cold Compress

Ideal for restricting those intruding blood vessels, – add the Patrick Bateman-esque gel eye mask to your morning routine

Reduce Salt Intake

Too much sodium causes your body to retain water and is the result of the under eye puffiness.


With a 95% water content,  placing sliced cucumbers over your eyes are perfect for giving your eyes moisture and they’re also an anti-inflammatory! 15 minutes should be plenty of time to reap the benefits.

Sleep More

Sleep is incredibly important for our skin. There is a correlation between lack of sleep and eye bags/puffiness and dark circles. However, they are also down to genetics which is why you can still have bags even when well-rested. But a lack of sleep certainly exacerbates the problem, so it’s always good to get 8 – 9 hours sleep a night.


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