13 Natural Remedies To Help With Menopause

Once a word that was whispered by our mothers it now seems that everyone is talking about it. Of course, it might be my age or it might be that at last we, as women, are reclaiming our power, our bodies and our emotions. We finally feel able to talk openly, without shame, about the natural changes that are occurring within us.

Whatever the reason you are reading this, you have some interest in the menopause and are looking for natural help to cope with the symptoms that can occur to varying degrees. We are all different and, hopefully, the wisdom we have gained so far in our rich and varied lives has taught us that there is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to anything.

However, flower essences really can help you deal with whatever emotional challenges that are occurring in your life as you negotiate these changes. Whether that be anxiety, irritability, mood swings, brain fog, change in sleep patterns, loss of interest in sex, loss of confidence or any of the various other ‘problems’ that are associated with this shift into the next phase of our life as strong, powerful, interesting, wise, sexy women.

Made in the same way as the Bach Flower Remedies, flower essences are safe and simple to use and contain the energy of the flowers they come from to help shift emotional imbalances, behaviour patterns and to change our awareness. They bring powerful change to help us deal with all life throws at us when we are out of balance and have been used effectively for many many years with great results.

They are usually taken as drops under the tongue several times a day for a few weeks at a time and are safe to use at the same time as any other medication as they hold the vibration of the plant rather than containing any physical matter. We make all of our own essences and bottle them by hand. Some of them are made from the same flowers as the Bach Flower remedies, some are made by other flower essence producers and some are unique to us. Always follow your intuition when choosing a company to buy essences from as, because they work on a vibrational level, it is very difficult not to put your own energy into the bottle along with the flower.

I truly believe that menopause is an exciting transition into the next phase of life and with the support of flower essences this part of our journey can be fun and uplifting and easy. This isn’t the end of our femaleness – it is a chance to change, to shift our focus, to move gracefully into our wisdom and power.

Here is a list of some of the essences I recommend for women struggling with the changes going on in their lives during the menopause and peri-menopause. Of course, every woman is different and you might want to look at our list of single essences to find the ones that are more suitable to your unique situation. I also offer a consultation service if you are unsure about which essences you need or you can email me with any further questions.

Single Flower Essences:

Bindweed – helps you relax and feel less constrained and constricted in your situation.

Borage – helps you to be able to cope with everything life throws at you.

Cherry Plum – this Bach remedy brings calmness when there is panic or nervousness.

Dandelion – this is great for feeling confident, grounded, cheerful and vibrant.

Evening primrose – helps bring awareness and light to our fears and dark thoughts.

Herb Robert – helps when we are feeling particularly sensitive.

Peppermint – this is great for when you are feeling foggy and forgetful and in need of extra energy and focus.

Walnut – this is the classic Bach remedy for dealing with change and feeling safe and protected whilst the shifts occur.

Wild Rose – brings vitality and helps us feel more alive as we let go of the grief of losing our fertility.

Yarrow – protects from outside influences and stops us from taking on other people’s draining energy, helping us feel safe and surer of ourselves.

Combination Essences:

Sexy and Gorgeous  – this is a great confidence booster and helps us feel present and safe in our bodies, taking away any fear of showing our true selves and intimate feelings.

Calm and Confident – great for anxiety and loss of confidence this combination is very effective in helping to deal with all those situations where we are nervous or unsure.


Easy Sleep Spray contains flower essences held in cool and calming lavender water. It can be sprayed all over yourself to cool down during night sweats bringing untroubled sleep.

Lots of love, and do get in touch if you have any questions,

Saskia XX

Saskia Marjoram has worked with flowers for her whole life. After many years of making flower essences, she strongly believes that flowers are food for the soul. As a flower essence practitioner, professional gardener and florist living in Somerset she continues to be inspired by the lessons the flowers have to teach us. You can read more about her journey here.

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