Vitality by MyProtein: Supplements For The Mature Man

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Myprotein have released a new supplement line, ‘Vitality’ which is aimed at an older demographic, “specially formulated to deliver the essentials needed for keeping your body in shape from one day to the next, no matter your age”.

With supplements to maintain bone health and balance energy levels, the line looks encouraging to deal with a lot of the problems the mature man faces, something relatively new to the fitness supplement industry.

The new line launched with an effective campaign, showing 45-year-old Ben Jackson’s remarkable 12-week transformation demonstrating that it’s never too late to get in shape and embark on a fitness journey.

The Vitality Line:

An image of the myprotein supplement, active vitality.

Active , £9.00

A supplement to help sustain energy levels throughout the day, suitable to use for whatever the focus, whether that be work or the gym. They’ll keep you alert, improve cognitive function and importantly keep energy levels more balanced.

An image of the myprotein supplement, bone vitality.

Bone, £9.00

Our bone density declines with age, making us more susceptible to arthritis and fatigue. The supplement is a complete formula with the essential nutrients and vitamins for strong bones.

An image of the myprotein supplement, cardio vitality

Cardio, £19.00

It’s important to take care of your heart! Cardio vitality has a mix of omegas, monacolin K and other nutrients which contribute to the healthy function of your heart.

An image of the myprotein supplement, complete vitality

Complete, £14.25

An all-in-one supplement which does the lot including aiding, brain function, energy levels and strengthening the immune system. The pills are made from 20 fruits and veggies!

An image of the myprotein supplement, muscle vitality

Muscle, £15.00

Want a dose of collagen with your p-shake? The muscle vitality supplement offers hydrolyzed collagen with a whopping 22g of protein per serving to support the ageing process of the active man!


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