MyProtein: 45-Year-Old Ben Jackson’s 12 Week Body Transformation

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45-year-old Ben Jackson has made an incredible transformation in just 12 weeks, where he lost of 7kg and cut down to 9% body fat.

Credit: YouTube / MyProtein

Before the challenge, Ben said, “‘Many 45+ men might think that when they’ve hit middle age, it’s too late to embark on a fitness journey because their body is out of shape or they don’t have the same stamina as they did in their 20’s.”

The midster’s main goal was to lose weight and reach a good level of fitness.

Once the challenge had finished, Ben explains “As weeks progress my energy levels have increased, I feel a lot fitter, brighter mentally and physically… I’ve been sleeping much much better and I’m a happier person”.

Ben’s Diet

MyProtein provides the data to how Ben’s food intake was determined. First, his base metabolic rate was calculated followed by daily energy expenditure which showed the required kcals per day. And they came out to a perfectly achievable 2680kcal to reduce fat stores.

MyProtein also supplies Ben’s food diary to show exactly what he ate to achieve his results.

The plan includes 6 small and nutritious meals a day with plenty of fish, a lean source of protein full of antioxidants and nutrients to support the ageing process, something we’re big advocates for!

The diet is low in sugar, with complex carbs being the main carb source which is partly responsible for why Ben is experiencing better energy levels.

An example of a typical day on the diet:

  • 2 eggs (poached or boiled), ½ avocado, 75g smoked salmon, 1 bagel
  • 1 scoop vitality complete shake with water, 1 large banana
  • 1 chicken breast, 70g wholemeal pasta, 150g mixed salad, 1tsb extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 salmon fillet, 50g rice, 180g mixed non-starchy veg
  • 1 scoop vitality complete shake with water
  • 1 fillet white fish, 1 sweet potato, 180g mixed non-starchy veg

Credit to MyProtein, for the full diet plan see here.

Age Is No Limit

This follows the release of MyProtein’s new line, ‘Vitality’ aimed to provide the essential nutrients no matter what age.

Ben’s encouraging transformation shows that age should not be considered as a limiting factor when considering fitness goals and staying in shape.


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