Midlife Style Inspiration From 5 Top Instagrammers!

With age comes grace, wisdom and of course a flipping hot style! The pursuit of great style doesn’t end when you become a midster. There are plenty of women proving that style is ageless and are perfect for when you’re in need of some fashion inspiration!

In general, the older fashion influencers already know their look inside out, so they don’t turn to what’s currently on-trend, they are wearing a piece of because it suits their unique sense of style, which we love!

Now, if you are interested in learning more about what your own personal style is or simply building your confidence in feeling good in what you wear, then you have come to the right place. Take a look at some of these inspirational ladies that will shake up your wardrobe completely.

Renia Jaz, @venswifestyle

Meet Renia Jaz from Newcastle upon Tyne, who we recently spotted and had to know more about straight away. Demonstrating to us that wearing all grey can be made fun with a faux-fur bag. Her smart but sassy look has us all addicted. She’s an active fashion blogger check her out – Ven’s Wife Style.

Wendy Packer, @fashionoverfifty.wendy

This is Wendy Packer, who started her blog “Fashion Over Fifty”  as a platform to showcase ageing in a positive way while sharing tips and ideas along with her outfits.

Carelia Moran, @my_small_waredrobe

Carelia Moran aims to encourage women through her images on Instagram regardless of their wardrobe size, age or body shape to dress fun. Her outfits always have a point of interest without being too crazy. You may even be tempted to go shopping along the way.

Kat Farmer, @doesmybumlook40

Kat Farmer of Does My Bum Look 40  is the place to go if you ever want inspiration on how to rock a new Breton top or pair of jeans!

Helen  Mirren, @helenmirren

Helen Mirren proves that dressing well after 50 doesn’t have to mean adhering to a dull, matt and grey, age-appropriate look. Instead, she makes it clear through her style that it would never cross her mind to bow out of the fashion world just because she is an older woman. Mirren maintains her glamour and elegance through this evolving sense of fashion, proving style is ageless.

off to work london

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What’s your favourite source of style inspiration? Let us know in the comments, we’d love to hear from you.

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