Menopause Retreats: The Best Way To Rebalance & Recharge in 2018   

Now is the ideal time to claim your sense of wellbeing back from the menopause by planning a break in 2018.

We all experience the menopause in different ways. For many, the natural transition can feel like we’re descending into darkness. It’s a difficult task ensuring the unrelenting symptoms of the menopause don’t get to us, it’s not just something we can shake off or ignore.

2017 has been a period where we’ve spoken about the menopause in the UK more than ever before. Ulrika Jonsson recently admitted she felt “unimaginable anxiety” during the transition and countless other celebs have opened-up about their struggles.

HRT is the most common treatment to ease symptoms, but this leaves no respite for the menopausal women who are unable to take the therapy. Alternative treatments are becoming increasingly popular and wellness retreats may well be one of the best.

The menopause retreat

The premise of a menopause retreat is that a temporary change of environment and lifestyle can have extraordinary benefits on our wellbeing.  They aim to bring back your quality of life and sense of balance in life.

Firstly, a comprehensive wellness plan is formulated by a doctor, for your specific health needs following a consultation. Next, you’ll be experiencing a mix of holistic therapies, yoga, exercise, meal plans, detoxes, rebalancing, massages and more. You end feeling nourished and recharged and you’ll physically be healthier, which will be discussed in your leaving consultation.

Reinvigorate, replenish and most importantly, rest. It’s time to put the ‘me’ in menopause.

Platinum Healing Menopause Retreat – UK

Credit: Platinum Healing

In the words of The Telegraph, Platinum Healing’s menopause retreat based in the bucolic setting of West Sussex is  “one of the best detox retreats in the world”.

The retreat focuses on bringing balance back into your life and aims to ease the symptoms of menopause through a comprehensive and bespoke wellness plan.

Starting from £1,438 pp

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Foundation of Youth Rejuvenation Week – Austria

Credit: Ayurveda Resort Sonnhof

The resort resides in Sonnhof on a plateau high above the Thierer valley in the Tyrolean Alps, offering spectacular alpine views.

The week includes a  tailor-made plan to help reverse the signs of ageing by improving the immune system, strengthening physique and aiding the digestive system.

Sharing from £1,601 pp

Singles from £1,777 pp

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Personalised Programme – India

A landscape shot of the beautiful wellness spa which offers menopause retreats, Vana in India.

Located in Dehradun, northern India, the Vana is considered one of the country’s best wellbeing retreats.

Each programme at the opulent resort is different, custom-made for you where doctors will create a plan to have you feeling thoroughly nourished and revitalised.  There’s a reason it was voted as the ‘most life-changing’ retreat in the Conde Nast Traveller Spa guide 2016.

Sharing from £2,635 pp

Singles from £3,375 pp

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LANS Med Basic Programme – Germany

Credit: Lans Med / Youtube

A stunning timber-clad wellness hotel in southern Germany surrounded by green woodlands and hills and lakes.

The programme is based on the award-winning LANS meds concept, something which has been setting the bar for wellness and healthy living for over thirty years.

Sharing from £3,257 pp

Singles from £4,122 pp

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Nescens Better Ageing Programme – Switzerland

Credit: Nescens

An all-encompassing approach to ageing supported by the expertise of doctors at LA Reserve Geneve, where the spa is based.

The aim is to leave completely recharged with a new sense of wellbeing.

Sharing from £3,485 pp

Singles from £3,845 pp

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Women’s Health Retreat – Thailand

Credit: Dhara Dhevi

The decedent Dhara Devi in Chiang Mai, Thailand offers a range of wellness activities, massages and therapy to help women manage hormones.

The program includes a diverse selection of Eastern wellness classes, therapies and training to help you become more in tune with your body and nervous system.

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SHA Rejuvenation Programme – Spain

Credit: SHA

The SHA rejuvenation programme in Spain not only rejuvenates but teaches you how to sustain a healthier lifestyle through cookery classes and more, see the SHA schedule for some of the activities they have on. And this doesn’t include the long list of cosmetic treatments, therapy, massages and consultations that come with the package.

The aim is to leave feeling completely rejuvenated, looking younger with your wellbeing in check.

Sharing from £8,665 pp

Singles from £9,432 pp

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We are keen to discover some new menopause retreats that don’t break the bank, so if you know of any please get in touch!

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