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It’s a feeling we all love, applying a facemask, and taking the time to pamper ourselves. As I get older my evening routine begins to feel like a chore, so I love it when I try something out of the ordinary, that feels a little more luxe than normal! That’s why a facemask can feel so special, I can have some ‘me time’ while I let it settle into my skin.

But although the initial soft skin after a facemask can make us believe we got results, it doesn’t always seem like there are!

L’Oreal have recently brought out a new range of pure clay masks. These have swept the Internet as images of women of all ages with different coloured masks painted on their faces pop up everywhere. But what makes these masks different, and what results can we expect to see from them?

I treated myself to all three, to find out, for both you and I, if these masks are the best choice for a little taste of luxury, at home!

Are These Clay Masks ‘Worth It’?

There are three different types of mask available to choose from. Each mask contains the three pure clays- Koalin, Montmorillonite and Ghassoul, which are known to absorb impurities, eliminate imperfections and clarify complexion – Sounds good so far!

The variety of masks means there is something for everyone. You could mix and match the different masks with your daughter’s, husband’s, wife’s or friend’s so you can try out each on the areas of your face that need different attention!

L’Oreal understands that while some areas of our face may require a more heavy-duty mask, other areas may need brightening or mattifying, and so these masks can be used together to target different areas.

The Detox Mask

This mask is made up of the 3 pure clays and charcoal, which we know is fantastic at bringing out any impurities under our skin. This mask is meant for areas of your skin that require detoxifying and clarifying and leave them clarified without drying you out.
I tried this mask on my T-zone where I have the most blackheads, after 5 minutes it began to harden and I could really see my pores were sucking in the product and pushing out the dirt under my skin- after I washed off the mask I noticed that it really had helped clear the pores across my nose. So if blackheads are your problem area, this mask is definitely for you!

The Purity Mask

This mask contains Eucalyptus alongside the 3 pure clays. This mask works deep into the pores to purify and mattify your skin, so I tried it on my chin and forehead where I don’t like to look shiny!
I didn’t notice much of a difference immediately, however, after a few uses I did see that on no make up days the areas I had used this mask were more matte than before. If you like a dewy complexion, this isn’t the choice for you, but if you embrace the no make up look, you may want to give this mask a try.

The Glow Mask

This mask contains red algae, known for it’s brightening properties along with the three pure clays. It is intended to brighten and exfoliate skin. And out of the three masks, this is my favourite!
The mask provides a really nice exfoliation that doesn’t dry out my skin and leaves it illuminated and soft! Applying it goes a long way and it works for all over use on my face, as it gets rid of any dead skin! I also like this mask because I can rub it gently into my skin in small circles to boost the collagen in my face and give it an extra glow on top of the mask.

Overall, these three masks do what they say they will and feel extremely luxurious when you apply them. They are great at helping pinpoint problem areas with the mix-and-match feature, and they leave my skin feeling great! Anyway, anything that’ll get me closer to having skin as good as Cheryl Cole, is something worth trying!

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