How To Get Rid Of Mouth Wrinkles

Smoker’s lines aren’t just condemned to those who smoke (although it does increase the risk by 50%). They’re caused by repetitive movements of the mouth, just about anyone is susceptible to them, especially if you have animated face.

First and foremost, If they are a result of smoking and if you haven’t already, then quit! Amongst other detrimental effects to your health cigarettes are prematurely ageing you, discolouring teeth, skin and depleting the skin of nutrients.

The treatments we recommend are the best wrinkle-busting methods out there, a great option to improve the appearance of deep mouth wrinkles as well as other wrinkles around the entire face.

1. CACI Lasers

Jennifer Aniston is an advocate of this one. Voted one of the best anti-ageing treatments available. Using microcurrent to stimulate and lift the tissue and improve the appearance of fine lines.

2. Botox

Widely accepted and used as an effective anti-ageing method, botox works by relaxing the muscles. It’s imperative to get a qualified practitioner as the mouth muscles are incredibly intricate and if the treatment isn’t accurate it can cause motion problems which can lead to dribbling.

3. Dermal Fillers

To smooth out the lines around the mouth, one of the most popular options is dermal fillers. These are volume-building fluids that are injected under the skin. Once the gel is injected it acts as a facial cushion to add volume and support the facial structures which would have lost elasticity during the ageing process.

Anti-Wrinkle Creams If you haven’t already, add an anti-ageing cream to your skin routine. It’s worth looking out our best creams for this one. The products work by encouraging collagen and elastin production with essential oils to prevent free radicals and promote cellular growth.  They are also deeply hydrating which gives the skin a smoother and more supple appearance.

4. Microdermabrasion

A deep exfoliation using tiny diamonds to slough away dead skin, much more effective than a scrub. This improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, revealing the fresher skin underneath while relieving congested pores.

The Bottom Line

These methods are all diverse and it’s tricky to say which one will work for you. Some treatments are often used in conjunction, fillers and lasers for example for the best effects. The best you can do is consult a dermatologist to provide an expert opinion.


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