MyFaceMyBody Awards 2016 – Innovators Of The Aesthetic Industry

The Global Aesthetic awards are seen as the Oscars for the aesthetic industry, being  “the only consumer award dedicated to the cosmetic, aesthetic and dental industry”. The products and services are judged by a panel of experts on their efficacy, innovation and ease of use.

We’ve summarised some of the winners you need to know about, offering new and revolutionary products for anti-ageing.

Best Anti Ageing Product:

ageLOC Me (Serum Cartridges and Dispenser)

The first product of it’s kind, offering a custom solution to skincare. A product which contains three cartridges for your skin’s specific needs. The product combines three serums and delivers them through a micro layering technology. Simply place your hand in the gap and a dollop of cream, a mixture of the cartridges will be dispensed onto it. Such customisability makes it an extremely effective anti-ageing product for treating all signs of facial ageing.

Highly Commended:

NeoStrata Skin Active Triple Firming Neck Cream – Aesthetic Source  (Neck Cream)

The neck cream’s proprietary ingredients include NeoGlucosamine and NeoCitrate, with pro-amino acid and swiss apple stem extract to combat elasticity, wrinkles and pigmentation.

Best Anti-Ageing Treatment:

4D Clear Lift – ABC Lasers (Non-invasive face lift)

The latest technique for collagen stimulation, using the world’s most advance laser technology. The laser heats deep within the skin so no numbing is needed beforehand as there is no pain!

Highly Commended:

Meso ME – Finishing Touches Group (Non-invasive face lift)

The treatment targets wrinkles and fine lines and is an effective alternative to dermal fillers. Small plastic needles are used to deliver ingredients into the skin, making the process as gentle as possible.

Non-Surgical Blepharoplasty with Plexr – Fusion GT (Laser bleph.)

A new treatment offering an alternative to highly invasive treatments. The laser is completely wireless and uses plasma on problem areas without the propagation of unwanted heat.

Best Body Reshaping Procedure:

BTL Vanquish Me – BTL aesthetics (Laser Body Sculpting)

An advanced laser technology used which tunes into the thermal frequency of fat tissue, remaining undetected to non fatty tissue, causing heat-induced apoptosis. Basically meaning the laser burns fat! It’s an effective way of removing pigmentation under eyes that’s non-invasive.

Highly Commended:

Alevere therapy – Alevere UK Ltd (Specific Diet Plan & Body Shaping)

The therapy involves a diet causing ‘rapid weight loss’. They claim you won’t be eating less, just differently and won’t go hungry as a result. This is followed by body shaping to remove any loose skin or stubborn areas of fat.

Best Home Use Product or Device:

Radara – Innoture Ltd (Facial Serum and Pads)

A specifically formulated serum with  pads containing pure hyaluronic acid to restore skin elasticity and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Radara explain, most skincare creams simply work at surface level to provide the illusion of an improved look, whereas Radara works deep within the skin to stimulate real changes.

Best Skin Tightening Product:

NeoStrata Skin Active Triple Firming Neck Cream – AestheticSource (Cream)

NeoStrata take home another award for their neck firming cream, this time for skin tightening!

Best Skin Tightening Treatment:

ZO Controlled Depth Peel – Wigmore Medical  (Chemical Peel)

An intensive peel using 30% TCA (trichloroacetic acid) to treat acne, fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation. Patients are sedated during the peel due to it’s chemical constituents and wake up with tighter and clearer skin.

Highly Commended:

A Lift – Noveau Skin Therapy (Non-invasive Electro-stimulative Facial Treatment)

Using nano current and microcurrent technology to combat ageing. The currents stimulate ATP production which increases cells metabolism, leading to more collagen production which helps skin to keep firm and tight.

Most Innovative Product:

Ageloc Me – NuSkin (Skin Cream)

The unique technology brings in the most innovative project award as well. The specific cartridges have a possible 2000 different combinations, taking skin care to a much needed personal level!

Highly Commended:

Neostrata Resurface Smooth Daily Peel (Home Facial Peel)

A peel you can use at home. Using glycolic acid to deeply exfoliate and increase cell turnover, with their patented aminofilⓇ formula to build volume. The peel reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while bringing more volume to the face.

Most Innovative Treatment:

Soprano Ice Platinum – ABC Lasers (Hair Removal)

ABC Lasers make another appearance, this time taking home the prize for most innovative treatment. The Soprano Ice Platinum covers three wavelengths into one. Making it one of the most effective and comprehensive laser treatments out there for hair removal.



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