Eye Supplements: The best protection for ageing eyes?

Eye deterioration is one of the many organs to decline with ageing. Past the age of 40, presbyopia will kick in and it becomes more difficult to focus on close objects, due to the hardening of the lens inside your eye. Meaning as much as you don’t want to you will eventually succumb to reading glasses. By 50 you’ll be a lot more susceptible to age-related macular degeneration, causing progressive vision loss.

Celeb sufferers: Dame Judy Dench has her scripts read to her due to her AMD condition.

Your pupils will reduce due to the eye muscles losing strength, meaning more light is required for activities like reading. Our eyes will dry up as our bodies produce fewer tears and we’ll lose most of our peripheral vision. (up to a massive 30 degrees by the age of 80).

What Else You Need To Know

Cataracts… Although a disease and not a symptom of age, they are so common as we grow older they are considered normal with age, but with the help of surgery this isn’t an issue, as 100% of sight can be restored!

So What Can We Do?

Supplements! …Macufield offers a unique carotenoid capsule designed to prevent AMD and maintain a healthy eye, by nourishing the macular pigment.

The supplement contains all three macular cartenoids: lutein, zeaxanthin and meso-zeaxanthin to give the macular pigment a much needed boost, hence the name macushield. The recommended dosage of these nutrients are hard to come by in food, with meso-zeaxanthin not found in foods at all and the other two in leafy greens, fruits and vegetables. So a supplement is perfect to provide what your diet cannot.

The product boasts a long list of stellar reviews, with users praising the miraculous effects of Macushield, some giving up eye injections for the three daily capsules and seeing better effects.

What’s great about the product is you can use to it prevent AMD as well as treat it. Although not simply a hereditary condition, the lifetime risk of having AMD is a substantial 50 percent if it runs in the family, so the supplement can provide that needed protection as well as stop further degeneration to AMD sufferers. These nutrients are needed for your eyes to have optimal health, so they help with presbyopia and all the more general symptoms of age-related vision impairment too.


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