Dr Maryam Zamani’s Skincare Tips For The Mature Face

Last week, we had the pleasure of interviewing Dr  Maryam Zamani, a facial aesthetics doctor, surgeon and the founder of MZ Skin at her house. Maryam reveals her tips on skincare for the mature skin.

Watch the full interview below.

This is the transcript of what she had to say.

So, I think it’s really important to note that looking after your skin starts early, I think it’s really important for young individuals, in their 20’s to start with a good skincare routine, and to continue that onwards throughout their 6th, 7th, 8th decade of life. I do also believe that all individuals benefit from certain skincare modalities and that the ethos of to reveal and enhance and protect the skin is really age insensitive, it starts from 20’s onwards.

What does that mean?

1. That’s means to reveal the skin you need to cleanse the skin properly, you also need to exfoliate regularly, to help remove some of the dead skin, debris, pollution, make-up and to allow better penetration of the products that you are putting onto your skin.  So that’s one, reveal the skin.

2. Then I think you need to, Enhance the skin, and how do you do that?  That starts with all the ingredients that you have in your creams, whether it’s peptides and ceramides to lock in the moisture, or antioxidants like vitamin C to combat sun damage and oxidative damage, or whether it’s retinol to increase the skin turnover and collagen synthesis.  I think it’s really important to have a combination of ingredients that work well to enhance the skin.

3. And finally, protection this is one of the most important factors and starts really early on, even in your twenties and hopefully from when you are a toddler!  It’s really important to protect your skin, and what does that mean? We need to use SPF every day, all day long whether it’s sunny or rainy and in all climates to help protect against damage caused by the UVA and UVV rays in the sun.

So if you stick with this ethos of reveal, enhance and protect at any age you will have better skin than if you did not follow a routine.  And of course, sticking to a routine is really important, make it simple, something that you can accomplish and without too much fuss and stick to it.

More skincare advice videos to follow …

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