Annoying Habits You Need To Stop Right Now

Are people so self-obsessed and wrapped up in their own world, their own devices they don’t realise (or even hear) the horrendous noises they are making whilst using them?

Glued to your phone through conversations, infuriatingly loud eating, slurping your drink, these habits are maddening and have the ability to bring people in the vicinity of them to a fit of rage.

If there’s one thing that’s inevitable in the winter months of the New Year, it’s sniffers. Without fail you’ll hear snotty sniffs everywhere you go, which can incredibly annoying should you get trapped somewhere with a chronic sniffer for a long period of time.

The Andy Bush from Absolute Radio has gone so far to declare war on the sniffers of the world:

Andy Bush here, is it just me or have people now forgotten how to blow their noses?? I’m so sick of people sniffing. I declare war on them. Anyone get this?

Posted by Absolute Radio on Wednesday, January 3, 2018

It’s time to declare war on all the people you’ve come to quietly resent, or share your frustrations, see the most annoying bad habits identified below! 

Mobile phone culture

What do you hate most about sitting on the tube/bus/train/plane? Other people having a chat with their friends or a work call, but with the phone is so loud you can normally hear both sides of the conversation. Have you ever felt like grabbing the phone and stating your feelings? It’s not just the conversation but the loud ring-tone, the notification alerts.

I realise it’s a statement my mother and grandmother would make but ‘what did we do before mobile phones?’ We read newspaper/books and waited until we either saw the people or we used a public phone box. And like most of the world’s population, I do have a mobile phone, I just feel that we’ve lost our manners! We are so wrapped up in our own world we don’t stop to think that, not using the phone at the till to engage with the person serving us is polite. We’re not saying stop using them but use them considerately. The culture of the phone is a hard one to break!


Glad you’ve got some funky headphones and you like music, but I don’t need/want to listen to it! And like my nan would say ‘you’ll go deaf with that racket playing in your ears!’

Eating loudly

Maybe it’s because you are talking on the phone or have your headphones in so you can’t hear the noise made when chewing – but I can!!! Lips smacking, heavy crunching combined with the occasional large inhale is torturous and becomes more unbearable the longer you listen to it as your levels of suppressed rage skyrocket.

Keep your mouth closed, breath through your nose when you eat, I don’t need to hear you I certainly don’t need to see it all going around like a washing machine.


Take little sips; you don’t need to slurp your drink!


Blow your nose!!! Don’t sit there sniffing or wiping your nose on your fingers, get a tissue and blow it!! Sniffing 25 times a minute is a habit!

Finger lickers

You shouldn’t need to lick your fingers after you’ve eaten! Use a serviette and wipe them, we don’t need to listen to you sucking each digit and slurping up the food from your fingernails!


How rude is that? You’re mid-conversation and they start humming! Really? Save that to your own time I don’t need to listen to your tuneless humming thank you very much!

Which one annoys you most? Have we missed something from the list? Let us know in the comments!

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