Aldi’s Must-Have Caviar Anti-Ageing Skincare Range

Aldi originally launched the line in 2015 with a limited release and consequently, they sold out immediately. Aldi’s day and night creams have been raved about for being comparable to the La Prairie Skin Caviar Luxe Cream, another caviar based cream at a pricey £298.

Due to these similarities with Prairie, limited release and immense value the range starting popping up on Ebay. The sought-after products were flogged for twice the price to those who missed out on the limited release. But fortunately, they are all finally back with Aldi due a restock for later this year!

Anti-ageing isn’t cheap, with luxury brands promising special serums at hefty prices, it’s not affordable for everyone. Aldi offers a solution to this, but at such a low price the products pose the question of quality, and whether the effects and benefits are similar to those of a luxury brand.

The two products we’re looking at are the caviar-based day and night creams. These will be available all year round, unlike the other products in the line which are condemned to a limited release again, you’ll probably see them popping up on eBay at no time at all.

Products: Caviar Illumination Day & Night Cream

Price: £6.99 (each)

Notable Ingredients:

  • Caviar (encourages skin regeneration and collagen production)
  • Snow Algae (provides hydration and restores a natural glow)
  • Hyaluronic acid (fades fine lines and gives skin plumpness)
  • Includes SPF of 15 (unique to the day cream)

Our verdict:

The Ingredient list is surprising elaborate for a budget brand, including the sought-after hyaluronic acid, and luxury caviar of course.  A great mix to promote cell regeneration and skin hydration. It really does seem too good to be true at first glance, but we made a few revelations when reading the reviews.

A notable amount of users suffer from allergic reactions, explaining the creams caused eye swelling, rashes, burning and stinging. This is the sole reason for the poor reviews, the rest of which were very positive, consumers loved the product, reporting noticeable changes in their complexion. The creams even swayed users away from the likes of Clarins and Estee Lauder.

It looks like Aldi really do offer great anti-ageing creams at a low price for the most part. But considering the not-negligible amount of people suffering harsh reactions, it’s best to be cautious. Do a patch test or try a sample first.


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