Ageing – It’s Beautiful! Christie Brinkley & Sarah Jane Adams

A split image with sara jane adams on the left and Christie Brinkley on the right. Credit to sarah jane adams, instagram and alamy.

Image credit: Sarah Jane Adams, Instagram, Alamy.

Ageing – it’s beautiful! Featuring Sarah Jane Adams, 61 and Christie Brinkley, 63.

Every year we get older! We all know that but how we deal with it/feel about it is different. We believe that you should be happy in your skin, surgically enhanced or not! Sadly, some celebrities forget that continually ‘enhancing’ their faces will, of course, make them, hopefully, more youthful looking but what about, your knees, neck, hands and body?!

As we age our eyebrows thin slightly, as do our lips whilst our waistband expands!! (in some cases!) If surgery is for you then go into it with your eyes wide open, be aware of the after effects of a general anesthetic, the costs and the recovery time. Whereas the ‘little and often’ approach is like using permanent assisted make up! A slight amount of Botox will take away the frown but, fingers crossed, not leave you expressionless! A strategically placed lip filler can take away those harsh lines on the top lip or enhance your disappearing lips and make them worth applying the lippy again! Just know that whatever you do/don’t do you should embrace your age and have some fun with it. As the 61-year-old instagram style icon, Sarah Jane Adams explains:

“Age is just something you are, so deal with it… I can’t cope with people who have cosmetic surgery and put rubbish in their hair. Ageing gracefully is ageing as you are, not with a face that looks as if it will melt as soon as you go out in the sunshine.”

“In fact, I created the ‘my wrinkles are my stripes’ hashtag after I was bustled into a shop in Sydney’s city centre (I mistakenly thought it was a jewellery shop) where a girl started dabbing creams on my face… This gets rid of your wrinkles for a week,’ she said and I leapt out of my seat. ‘No, no no! I love my wrinkles,’ I replied.”


“EQUALLY I’m not obsessed with weight. I own no scales, no tape measure and none of my clothes have sizes in them.  I practice yoga but I eat whatever I want. I never eat low-fat. I don’t eat red meat or sugar and I prefer organic when I can but I’m not hung up about it.”

63-year-old model who recently featured on the cover of the 2017 issue of Sports Illustrated with her two daughters has a different approach, she says, “Tweak but don’t correct”.

“My attitude is: if something bothers you, it’s OK to tweak it. Don’t like your grey hair? Cover it up (or even make it pink and purple if you choose). And the same goes for wrinkles, sagging and discoloured skin. Younger women should try to see keeping their skin beautiful and healthy is a process of maintenance, rather than correction.”
“The best results are not total transformations but nearly imperceptible changes that just make you look like a slightly younger version of you. This is an area where less really is more. I’ve had botox on my neck’s vertical bands to tighten, mild fillers, tripollar for wrinkles above the knee’s, facial laser treatment which stimulates collagen, an eyelid and a facelift, although all minor and leaving me still looking natural.”


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