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Nicole Kidman isn’t the only one having a career surge as she approaches 50. Mr Billy Crudup is close to the milestone birthday and is in as much demand as actors half his age, while he is fitter and happier than ever.

His recent roles brings him into space where he captains the expedition in Sir Ridley Scott’s follow up from Prometheus (2012), Alien: Covenant. The actor also leads Netflix’s psychological thriller, ‘Gypsy’ playing Michael Holloway, the husband of therapist jean Holloway, played by Naomi Watts.

A still from the 2017 Ridley Scott film, 'Alien: Covenant' featuring Billy Crudup and Carmen Ejogo.

Billy Crudup alongside actress Carmen Ejogo in Alien: Covenant. – Credit: 20th Century Fox

The 48-year-old is getting the parts he wants for the projects he wants, staying in great shape as he creeps closer towards the golden ages, turning 50 next summer.

Speaking in an interview for Mr.Porter the actor explains, “I try to eat healthy. As I tell my son, I’m for moderation. Just try to find a little of everything and you’ll be fine. I’m not into the new diet with probiotics and you can only eat spinach on Wednesdays at a temperature of 110ºF.”

And rightly so, moderation is an essential approach to nutrition and dieting. Where fad diets lead to short-term success they often result in failure in the long term, as it’s not sustainable and the initial results are quick to fade away as your diet returns to normal.

The actor hits the gym 3-4 times a week, putting his regime in the hands of his personal trainers.

“What do I do? Whatever they tell me. It’s usually circuits of three – plank for a minute, rows or presses or squats – a lot of ass work. Then you do some cardio, which might be rope-work. But it’s all interval work – 10 seconds hard… a lot of rotational stuff… and I play a lot of golf.” Crudup says.

With his 50th approaching, Crudup speaks refreshingly about the milestone age, without an element of unease or apprehension many feel for post-50 life,

“I said to my friend the other day, I feel like my fifties are when I’m going to really shine… I’ve just been working up to becoming a halfway normal human being. My fifties are going to be when I finally get it down.” Crudup says.

Life after 50 is a period of new experience, opportunity and the opposite of what the outdated attitudes towards this age portrayed by the media suggest.  The over-50s as a group are the most financially powerful. They’re active, engaged and adventurous and more so than ever before.

We’re pleased to see Crudup is still on top and excited what to see post-50 life holds for the actor.

Catch the full interview at MrPorter.


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