Lyn Slater: Becoming an Accidental Fashion Icon in Your 60s

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Meet Lyn Slater, a 64-year-old associate professor of social work at Fordham University and she has accidentally become a fashion icon but has a strong message to share about ageing!

Recently, Lyn’s story became viral, amassing over 17 million views in an interview with Buzzfeed… She has become a well-known individual in the fashion industry and her story it’s pretty inspiring!

“My biggest piece of advice would be to spend more time knowing who you really are and then thinking about your clothes as expressing that!” Lyn states in a recent interview with BuzzFeed News.

A few years ago, while Lyn was on her way to meet a friend for lunch outside the Lincoln Centre during New York Fashion Week, she was suddenly surrounded by a flock of photographers and journalists who mistakenly thought she was one of the Fashion Industry Icons.

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Even since that day, Lyn has started an online fashion blog called “Accidental Icon” and an Instagram account, which she uses both to balance out her work in academia. The outcome of her increase in popularity is that she has become a living, breathing force against ageism in the fashion world.

Her creative outfits demonstrate that style doesn’t have an expiration date and she has confidently stated that fashion offers her  “a solution to the invisibility that often is present with ageing.”

At 64 years old Slater, who is signed to Elite Model Management is far from invisible. She has always enthusiastically said, “ I do not care about the rules of fashion, I think if you’re comfortable in what you are wearing, no matter how old you are and you’re owning it then you are going to look completely fine”. She told Refinery29.

So Ladies, if this is not boosting your confidence then I don’t know what is. Keep watching this lady, I’m sure she will make you rock your wardrobe whatever age you are!

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