7 Best Anti-Ageing Products You Need To Know About


Looking for the right anti-ageing products can be confusing, not to mention time-consuming.  There’s an abundance of products out there, so which really work?

We’ve handpicked some of the best in the market for those areas we all tend to worry about most. Not to undermine the importance of areas not included on this list! Everywhere is just as important, we’re big advocates of a holistic approach to ageing, so certainly don’t feel limited to just the areas we included.

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 For Eyes

Chances are your eye bags aren’t there because you’re not sleeping enough. Eye bags are pockets of fat underneath the skin. As we age these, fat deposits can move towards the surface of the skin, causing puffiness.

The multifunctional formula protects and soothes the eyes, with a rich silky formula working to reduce the appearance of eye wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness.

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For Hair

Giving your hair the right nutrients is a must as you age, which often causes hair to become more brittle, dull and dry.

Caviar shampoo provides a nutrient boost including essential amino acids to thicken and energise dry hair.

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For Hands

Often overlooked, our hand care is essential since it’s usually the part of our body most exposed to the elements, causing wrinkles. Also, the fat cushions in our hands decrease, which can leave them looking withered.

This one’s a best seller, A cream designed to combat ‘8 signs of ageing’, with an active formula shown to produce results in just 11 days.

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For Skin

Wrinkles come with age. But giving your skin a nutrient boost via a highly absorbent and lightweight serum can help reduce the appearance of them and keep your skin looking radiant.

A formula rich in antioxidants, omegas and complete with hyaluronic acid to soothe and protect your skin while promoting collagen production to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

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For Lips

Thin and dry lips are common with age and uncared for lips can contribute to how old you look. A lip treatment can plump up lips and repair damage.

A popular lip balm by Clarins, which nourishes, repairs, protects and plumps lips with a formula featuring shea butter that’s full of antioxidants and their collagen boosting ‘maxi lip complex’.

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For Protection

If you didn’t know sun is one of leading causes of wrinkles, studies have shown it’s responsible for a massive 80% of skin ageing. Protection is a must.

A lightweight formula for daily use without clogging pores. The formula also includes solar-activated antioxidants to repair the skin while preventing premature signs of ageing.


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