The 6 Pro-Age Tribes Redefining Life After 50

(Which tribe are you?)

Louise Proddow talks through the 6 pro age tribes that redefine later life.

We love the growing pro-age community of men and women on Instagram who are redefining mid-life with style and energy.

They capture the individuality and diversity of this new positive ‘pro age’ movement.

Stand aside ‘anti-agers’ this empowered crowd are leading the pro-age movement, showing us nothing of limits for the older demographic.

The airbrushed icons that used to dominate the media, is being replaced. Instead of flicking through a glossy magazine my go-to relaxing pastime is now scrolling through my Instagram feed to catch up with my friends and what they’re up to.

Friends? Yes, these new pro agers are open and real, sharing life stories about the ups and the downs and have created a community where anyone can interact and get involved.

There’s lots of banter and comradeship and advice.  In between the inspirational photos, they reveal their own vulnerabilities and insights into many different lifestyles.

The generic grey ‘saga’, ‘over the hill’ images of the over 50s has been replaced with Instagram tribes showcasing the fun, adventure, style and attitude life beyond 50 holds.

1. Super Fit Tribe

Image credit: Brenda Austin, a super-fit 70-year-old grandmother from Australia.

There’s not an elasticated pair of trousers in sight, they’ve got abs of steel whatever their age and inspire us with their fitness lifestyle.

2. Style tribe

Image credit: Cathy Williamson, a triple negative breast cancer survivor and style guru with a passion for fashion.

The fun and fashionable style tribe express their creativity and uniqueness through fashion while keeping us motivated and on top of trends to stay looking fabulous.

3. Indie tribe

Your turn to write a caption! 🌸#sarahjaneadams #saramai #caption #captionthis #mywrinklesaremystripes

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Image credit: Sara Jane Adams, the stunning model behind the #mywrinklesaremystripes campaign, represented by IMG.

Indie kids at heart, this tribe breaks boundaries, defies conventions and has plenty of attitudes.

4. Clean living Tribe

Image credit: Lorraine C Ladish, a 54-year-old writer, journalist and yogini who embraces and celebrates age.

The flexible bodies and peaceful mantras of the clean living tribe help inspire us to stop reaching for the cookies and stay diligent with our nutrition and exercise. They preach positivity while showing us the best ways to stay active and healthy.

5. Travel Tribe

Image credit: Martina Klein, a fashion blogger and frequent traveller who captures the adventure, freedom and fun of life after 50.

The nomads and adventurers with an insatiable thirst for exploration. Their inspiring photos of distant sunsets, tropical paradises and crazy adventures is a sure way to get your wanderlust on.

6. Textured Tribe

Image credit: Sheree Frede, a feisty ’60-ish’ lifestyle and fashion blogger with an eccentric and bohemian style.

The textured tribe embraces diversity and elements of all the other tribes. They’re free spirits who embrace their age with an infectious love for life.

What tribe are you, what lifestyle do you lead? Let us know in the comments below!


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