5 Reasons Why You’ll Love Your Fifties

In the words of Helen Mirren, “With age comes the lovely feeling of reverence, the freedom to be outrageous.”

Fifty is a milestone age, it’s a stage in our life when we have experience, happiness levels are on the rise as we surpass the plateau which lasted throughout our 30s and 40s. Once more, we’re more confident and comfortable with who we are, while our ambition for life is as fiery as ever.

We’re gaining a new sense of freedom as your fifties are where we usually become ‘empty nesters’ as children are grown up and leave home for the first time.

A survey by All Leisure Group illustrated that 90% of empty nesters feel that now is the time to visit their dream destinations whilst they are still fit and healthy and over 40% feel they can indulge in travelling now their children have left.

This makes now a better time than ever to pursue new experiences, broaden your mind and continue to grow into the best person you can be.

Here’s why you’ll love your fifties.

1. Confidence is at an all-time high

You know your strengths, exactly who you are,  you’re not afraid of speaking your mind and what people might think of you. You no longer need to figure out who you are, or spent a considerable amount of effort fighting off an existential crisis.

We’re comfortable with who we are and more self-aware than ever, and as a result, more likely to be happy rather than stressed.

2. Freedom!

After two decades dedicated to your children, it’s time to start spending time on yourself again. Your fifties are usually when the kids are all grown up and move out for the first time, giving you a new freedom to do absolutely anything you want.

3. Wisdom

You have decades of knowledge, expertise and a wealth of wisdom and life lessons to recall whenever faced with a problem. Even if you don’t feel wise in the slightest, younger people will assume you’re deeply knowledgeable with tonnes of helpful advice to offer.

4. Financial Stability

Over 50s are an incredible powerful demographic in terms of economic contribution. This is thanks to the fact that they make up 80% of the UK’s total wealth despite only being a third of the population.

By our fifties, we’re usually in the best financial position we’ve ever been in.

5. Mental Resilience

You’ve developed an awesome ability to shrug off the small stuff. It’s a fantastic skill which we can only master with age and something that is really beneficial, as Ph.D Nancy Nicolson explains, “The changes are small — a 10 to 15% increase in cortisol levels in response to typical daily annoyances”.

Your fifties are amazing and considered by many as the ‘golden age of happiness’, it’s a time full of fun, adventure, and freedom!


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