Why You Need To Try Something New At 40+

Perhaps you’re in a rut of routine and you need to get out of it, or maybe you’re just looking for more ways to enjoy life and have fun, but trying new things should be something you never stop doing.

The unfamiliar makes us nervous, apprehensive, anxious and scared because we don’t know what to expect, and this is exactly why we need to try something different.

It’s all too easy to back out and stay in the comfort of familiarity, but it’s actually good for us to try new things. Going beyond the threshold of our comfort zone is one of the best things we can do to grow, find new perspectives and become the best versions of ourselves.

“The more you seek the uncomfortable the more you will become comfortable” – Conor McGregor

Growing older means many of us become empty nesters by our late 40s and early 50s, with children moved out we have a new-found freedom that makes it a better time than ever to try something new. It’s time to start pushing yourself by diving headfirst into the unfamiliar.

Here are a few things we recommend to try for over 40s.

1. Travel

Learn how to handle yourself in a completely unfamiliar setting, experience different cultures and discover beautiful new places.

2. Digital detox

Get away from the constant flow of information occupying your brain and force yourself to think in the present, even if it’s just for a moment each day. Take the time to concentrate on the feeling to exist and what’s going on around you.

3. Online dating

The online dating scene is booming for the over 40s, keep an open mind and meet someone new, try a type you don’t usually go for.

4. Pursue your fears

This one’s not only exhilarating but you may also discover something new you love in the process. Do something you’re completely and utterly afraid of, maybe it’s a skydive or talking at an event. Have the mindset  “does this scare me? Then I have to do it.” (within reason!) – Zach Davidson

5. Rekindle an old friendship

We all have old friends we know we should talk to but never get round to doing it. Find time to talk to someone you used to be close with.

6. Find a physical challenge

Set yourself a challenging physical goal to work towards and push yourself to reach them.

7. Start a new business venture

Something we don’t need to say for the over 50s, who have been labeled the ‘new business start-up generation’. With many empty nesters having a mix of savings, time and freedom, now’s the time to pursue and invest into that dream you have.

8. Go To A Festival

Get your wellies out and join the buzzing crowds to experience new food, culture and music at a festival. Why not book tickets for Glastonbury 2019? The bigger, the better. With over 3,000 acts it’s a brilliant place to explore. See Timeout’s list for more of the best festivals in the world to try.

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