Inspiring Body Confidence: Women’s Health’s First Ever Global Naked Issue

On Tuesday August 8th, issues of the WH Naked Issue went into circulation which featured 45-year-old Sofia Vergara sitting nude on a wooden block.

The annual Naked Issue, which began in September 2014 will be distributed globally for the first time ever after observing such a positive response from previous UK editions.

The issue debuts across 5 continents, in 15 countries and each issue will explore what nudity means while inspiring body confidence, self love and empowerment in each respective culture.

WH explain, “Our first-ever global Naked Issue is a celebration of the female form in every shape, size, and age.”

“It’s my favourite issue because it embodies everything that Women’s Health stands for… by that, we’re talking empowerment, confidence, realism and a heap of self-love” says Claire Sanderson, WH Editor.

Talking about featuring on the cover, the Modern Family star says “It’s not like before, when it was just young girls who would make the cover of a magazine.” Proud that a woman of 45 can feature on the cover of a major publication, something that has traditionally been exclusive to younger models.

It’s a growing trend in print with Amber Valetta appearing on the May edition of Vogue and 63-year-old Christie Brinkley in Sports Illustrated alongside her two daughters.

The issue also features 47-year-old Melanie Sykes, a long-time advocate for fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

‘My body has more definition now than it did in my 20s!’ the star remarks.

The TV personality flashes her toned curves on a rooftop in celebration of turning 47.

Mel explains: ‘I work out an average of four times a week – a mixture of weight training, high-intensity boot camp classes, tennis, barre classes and reformer Pilates.’

Gym done @virginactiveuk guns n buns 😝 ⚫️ #gym #training #sportsbra @victoriassecret

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The issue will inspire self love globally, depicting the female form in a true light in all types of shapes, ages and sizes, evoking body confidence on a large scale.

How body confident do you feel now versus in your 20s? Do you think the media’s campaigns are helping deal with body confidence issues? Let us know in the comment section below!


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