Why You Need To Say Yes More In Midlife

This weekend I jumped in the Thames at 8.00am in my swimsuit whilst paddle boarding for the first time. I loved it and I can’t wait to jump in again…

Saying ‘yes’ really does make you happier. It has changed my life. By opening your mind to saying yes, you are opening up more opportunities.  When I turned 50, I decided to say yes to the true me and stop making comparisons with other people’s lives. After 4 years I have realised the power of saying yes to things that feel right in all aspects of life.

You realise when you get into your forties and fifties that life is moving fast and time is too precious to stay in your comfort zone. The word ‘Yes’ is empowering and energising and that is what the new midlife is about. We do not want to be invisible and trapped into some old fashioned stereotypes. Midlife is a time of change and when you embrace this with ‘yes’ it creates a more purpose and meaning to the journey.

The Negative Power of No

The word no stops us doing things and can become a way of life. As humans, we are more likely to say no than yes it is in our psyche. Researchers claim that by the time you reach adulthood, you would have heard the word ‘no’ repeated 50,000 times. In comparison, the word ‘yes’ is heard 7,000 times.

The Power of Saying ‘Yes’ in Midlife

  • Say yes to being true to yourself.  Believing in yourself and surrounding yourself with like-minded people. It gives you confidence and makes you a better version of yourself.
  • Yes is positive and the more you use it the more you attract positive energy.
  • Say yes to healthy eating. Eating unprocessed foods and drinking more water makes you feel better in mind and body. Plus it gives you more energy to say yes to more!
  • Yes to new sport and experiences. By trying new adventures you add more purpose to your life and start discovering new things.
  • Open yourself up to new social connections and friends. Say yes to joining new groups and taking up new hobbies. It adds a sense of belonging and helps with many of changes in midlife such as children leaving home, elderly relatives or divorce.
  • Yes to living in the present rather than striving for more tomorrow.
  • Say yes to living my dreams – I’ve been trekking in Nepal and have become a wellness coach – I make dreams happen.
  • Yes to being single or together – as we get older we realise you have to be happy with yourself first. It’s a cliché but self love is the basis for good relationships
  • Say yes to health not wealth. You do not have to spend a lot to be happy. Most of us like nice things but research shows that yes to experiences makes you happier than chasing money.
  • Yes to caring and sharing with people who really appreciate the real you.

“Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience.” —Paulo Coelho

“I have enjoyed life a lot more by saying “yes” than by sayings “no”.”Richard Branson

Trust me – say yes more and your confidence and happiness will grow. I still say no, but say yes to the things that feel right inside. What are you saying yes to?

By Louise Proddow


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