What is Huda N.Y.M.P.H Body Highlighter?

We’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about a brand new beauty product on the market. N.Y.M.P.H body highlighter comes from Huda Beauty, a cosmetics like founded by Dubai-based blogger and beauty entrepreneur, Huda Kattan.

Unlike most highlighters which are for giving your face that summer glow, the N.Y.M.P.H body highlighter is designed for your whole body. It stands for ‘Not. Your. Mamas. Panty. Hose’, and aims to give your skin the ‘skin-perfecting’ look of wearing pantyhose, or sheer tights for those of us in the UK.

collage image of a leg before and after using a body highlighter

Huda Kattan says she was inspired to create the product by Beyonce, who always wears shimmery tights on stage that make her legs glow. She wanted to create the same look in a body highlighter, allowing people to get goddess-like legs with a golden shimmer.

It definitely has the shimmer to it. It comes out of the bottle looking almost like liquid gold, and it definitely looks different from any other bronzer or highlighter we have seen. It’s a lot more intense. Kattan herself says that its nearly 30% light reflecting pearl pigments!

Shimmer All Over

Beyond just the legs, the product can be used to give you shimmer all over – neck, shoulder blades, arms and even the face. Yes, it was originally designed as a face product, so it can be used as a primer on the face too, or be mixed with foundation to give your foundation a glow. We don’t know about you, but we would be hesitant to apply liquid gold to our face. However, beauty bloggers are swearing by it. Huda herself admits she looks crazy in her video applying the highlighter to her face – and she definitely looks a bit like a character from star wars at first – but once the foundation is applied on top it does give the face a great glow.

That might be a lot of makeup for some people, and anyone with sensitive skin may be reticent to apply something like this to your face. But its hard to deny that there is something appealing about the insane glow that gives your legs, especially as its getting warmer and we’re starting to get our legs out!

Find out more about N.Y.M.P.H body highlighter

What do you think? Are you looking for that gold shimmer look from sheer tights on your legs? Would you be daring enough to go all out with a gold shimmer all over your skin?

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