2019 Wellness Trends To Inspire You

Wellness is booming and 2019 is looking to be no different. The top trending hashtags on Instagram are #life #travel and #fitness and they’re only getting more and more popular with wellness warriors around the world continually sharing photos of their healthy food and workouts. From fat fasting, brain-boosting nutrition, immune boosters, breathing techniques and more fitness regimes, it doesn’t seem to be slowing down! So, what are the trends we’re expecting in 2019?

Holistic Wellness

Rather than wellness being focused solely on exercise or nutrition, in 2019 there will be a continued focus towards managing your complete wellbeing. This includes mindfulness, holistic self-care and avoiding stress at any level. Treatments and practices include exercise, acupuncture, digital detox, nutrition and yoga. There is a realisation that you need to do more than workout to feel your best and cope with life stresses.

Mix It Up

Get ready for a more balanced approach to exercise. As well as boosting your serotonin and endorphins with HIIT you take time to calm the mind and body with yoga and walking outdoors. This not only gives your body time to recover but it also helps to reduce stress.

Less Screen Time

Technology has taken over our lives, but there are many reasons that it is having an adverse effect on us. From causing us problems with sleeping to social media affecting our mental health, taking time away from our phones and tablets is becoming increasingly important. 2019 will see more digital detoxes. As more people are becoming aware of the increasing time spent and the possible health implications, a pattern is immerging of less ‘liking’ and more time living in the present moment. Apple has even bought out a ‘screen time’ app to enable you to self-monitor the amount of time you may spend on social sharing!

Workplace Wellness

Companies are now realising the increasing importance of assisting in the wellness of their staff. This is not just large corporates either – even smaller companies are joining in. Businesses are investing in ‘treatment’ rooms where they offer massages and even nap rooms (Yes, I really did just say that!). They’re offering perks including guitar lessons, yoga, ‘bring your dog to work’ (to de-stress the environment and relieve the stress of leaving it at home) gym memberships and working from home. As we are working longer companies want to encourage job seekers to stay with them, therefore companies know this so need to up their games, happy and healthy employees will stay.

Clean Sleeping

2019 moves us from clean eating to clean sleeping as it is increasingly recognised that sleep is important to wellbeing as food. Using smart technology to track how you sleep, introducing regular bedtime routines and less screen time all help to improve our sleep patterns. Spending more time in bed is not lazy anymore – its good for your health!


The obsession with CBD oil continues in 2019, with more and more people using it to help them relax and de-stress. One prediction for the new year is we will start putting on our food!

Mental Health

The stigma of mental health is becoming less and less of a burden on the individual. More people feel that they are able to talk openly about their own battles without fear of discrimination. We can still improve in this area and therefore 2019 will likely see a further breakdown of the taboos. No longer will it be a subject whispered about in dark corners. People are looking to enjoy wellness and meditation classes that relax their stressed selves. We know that it helps put them in the right mind state to cope with life.

Going Sober

30% of 16 – 24-year-olds in the UK do not drink and similarily us midlifers are also following suit! More and more of us are giving alcohol up, and not just for Dry January. We’re opting for a cleaner lifestyle and not enjoying the 3-day hangover that sometimes comes with age! Many of us are saying goodbye to booze for good and feeling tons better for it.

Wellness Holidays

More and more of us are seeking those tranquil wellness resorts where we can practice yoga, detox, be interference free, switch off those devices and go back to the ‘old days. Weirdly, it does seem that these are times now craved!

Whatever 2019 brings in the wellness sector, we’re looking forward to continuing our journey towards feeling happy, healthy and fulfilled!

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