Weight Loss Tips My Facebook Friends Gave Me

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By Fiona Menzies

Recently, I posted a request:

Hello FB friends, I need your tips, tricks and inspiration please  I’ve set myself a challenge to lose 10kg in 10 weeks. I’m a total diet-dodger and I’m not big on the gym but I’m really going to try this time. I know ‘eat less, move more’ is the way to go but I’d really like any additional little tricks that might help me get there quicker. Anything you’ve tried that was good / any shortcuts / exercises / detoxes / procedures (ahem) and any helpful advice – whether diet or exercise-based is VERY welcome! My challenge kicks off 1st March.

Firstly, the response amazed me – 53 people took the time to reply – I mean properly replied with a thought-through response, not just a cheeky comment.  Secondly, they’re all SO well informed.. Thirdly, no wonder they all look so good – they’re doing this stuff every day…. and finally, they were overwhelmingly supportive in helping me reach my first Proper Personal Goal.

In a nutshell, this is what they told me:

Things to try:

  • Do the Clean 9
  • Do Gillian Michael’s 30-day shred
  • Do Janey Holliday’s programme
  • Do Emily Skye’s workout plan
  • Do Joe Wicks 15min HIT workouts
  • Do the 5:2 diet
  • Do Intermittent fasting
  • Do Freedom eating
  • Join MyFitness pal
  • Buy Wicks’ ‘Lean in 15’ cookbook
  • Buy Thinner, leaner, stronger book
  • Do Weight Watchers

Nutrition Suggestions:

  • Cut sugar
  • Cut carbs
  • Cut processed food
  • Cut alcohol
  • No carbs after 6pm
  • Small portions
  • Eat more protein
  • Eat more green leafy things
  • Eat more fruit
  • Eat whole foods
  • Snack on nuts, olives, peanut butter
  • Treat with ‘naked’ bars, dark chocolate.
  • Drink 3 litres of water a day

Exercise suggestions:

  • Do yoga every day
  • Run, walk, run, walk for 15-minute intervals
  • Run for an hour a day
  • Use a rowing machine
  • 30 minutes of exercise three times a week
  • Do HIIT
  • Do clubercise
  • Do Zumba
  • Meditate
  • Hula hoop


  • Have a colonic
  • Do a food intolerance test
  • Keep a food diary
  • Have a tummy tuck & a boob job (once at ideal weight)

And quite a few people (including my BIL who is a very excellent personal trainer and nutritionist) told me to change ‘one thing at a time’. To do things I loved, to change my life bit by bit rather than going at it 100% from day one and then falling off the waggon.

So now I need to decide;
What to do.
In what order.
For how long.

And how to track it all at the same time…

See my progress on my blog!

About the author:

“I’m [Fiona] a 42-year-old mum of twin toddler girls who works part time as a marketing consultant, part-time as a parent and has a room full of hat-making tools and materials and no time to make them.

“I’m on a mission to lose my baby belly and sort my life out – I recently came to the realisation that all my mates have good jobs, good diets, fitness regimes, savings plans and goals. I need to grow up, get my fat arse into gear and start thinking about my future.”

“No more pies and no more sneaky marlie lights round the back of the pub with my sister.”

You can find Fiona here: https://10kgin10weeksblog.wordpress.com


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