Ways To Feel Empowered Through Activities and Self Care

Sometimes we can look at other women who are smashing glass ceilings and feel intimidating and we wonder where they get their confidence! Feeling empowered can come from many different places, through the support and encouragement of other people, and through self love and self care.

Here are a few activities and acts of self care that might help you get out of your comfort zone and capture that feeling of empowerment and strength.

Join An Exercise Group

Exercise classes have always been a great place to meet people and there are many female only gyms or exercise groups around. Not only does exercise make you feel good about yourself, but it also helps build relationships with others. Overcoming a challenge together can give you a sense of accomplishment and helps you bond. If you aren’t ready to meet new people, you could always set goals with your female friends and make time to go for a hike or go to a class together. This can strengthen your relationships with your existing friends. When we have the support of women around us, it makes us feel strong and empowered.

Speak Positive Affirmations

We all can fall into the trap of speaking negative things over ourselves. Sometimes without even thinking, we put ourselves down through both our thoughts and words. Choosing positive words can help change your mindset. It might feel silly, but even standing in front of a mirror speaking positive affirmations about yourself and your body over time can help you feel bolder and more confident. If you notice negative thoughts rising, keep challenging yourself on whether it is true, or where those thoughts have come from.

Take A Class

Learning a new skill that you have always wanted to learn helps broaden your horizons. There are many evening classes for adults that help you learn a language, skill or just spend time enjoying something you love. Taking this time out for you not only helps broaden your mind but also spend time focused on what you want. Plus, doing something you love puts you in your element and your positive energy rises.

Volunteer For A Women’s Organisation

If women’s issues and supporting other women is important to you, then volunteering is a great way to get more involved. You surround yourself with other people who have the same values and goals as you, as well as being inspired by them. It helps you see different perspectives and lifestyles, and the feeling you get from helping other people is like nothing else.

Only Spend Time with People Who Make You Feel Equal

Spending time with people who treat us as inferior to them can have a very detrimental effect on how we feel about ourselves. Always demand to be treated equal. Remember, no matter who you are or your circumstance, you are inferior to no one. If they can’t do that, then walk away. Only surround yourself with those who treat you as equal so that you feel empowered all the time.

Make Time For Yourself

It’s important to get out there and meet people who inspire you and encourage you. But all in all, you are the priority. If we spend too much time thinking about others and their needs, we can end up feeling like we are not as important. This can bleed into other parts of your life and make you feel less than. Only by effectively taking care of yourself can you be your best self, and then effectively help and encourage others.



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