Walk Your Way Fit With Our Weekly HIIT Walking Plan

By Tracey Leslie

The sun has come out in time for the bank holiday! So slip into your walking shoes and embrace the wonderful outdoors …

Benefits of Walking

Too good to be true? No, walking is a great way of keeping fit, especially if you walk fast! A great way of de-stressing, a time to gather your thoughts, lower your blood pressure, it is one of the best and easiest ways you can stay healthy, especially if you walk briskly! Most doctors will recommend it to reduce the rise of chronic diseases. Walking can keep seasonal affective disorder at bay by giving you the natural sunlight that our bodies need… and it’s free!

Don’t forget to Breathe!

Feed your muscles! Breathing deeply as you walk feeds your muscles with oxygen, taking really deep breaths and filling your lungs improves your stamina and burns off fat! Start breathing!!

Engage your Core

With each step, make a conscious effort to engage your core, doing this on a regular basis will strengthen your abdominal muscles. This will help support your back.

 Slightly Bend your Arms

If your arms are bent you’ll move them more! The more you move your arms the more you’ll move your legs! Make an action as if you are running really fast, this will pump the blood to your heart.

Short Steps!

 When you think about moving fast you automatically lengthen your stride, Don’t! Shorten your stride if anything, that way you will take lots of smaller steps, maintaining your calorie burn. Smaller steps are also kinder on the joints.

Weekly Plan – Increase by 15 mins each week until you reach 4 weeks to maximise your goals

 HIIT Walking Plan

  • Power walk – Walking briskly swinging your arms but are still able to hold a conversation
  • HIIT walk – You are walking at a pace that is making you breathe hard, you are swinging your arms high and are possibly unable to talk! A near jog.
  • Slow walk – The sort of leisurely controlled walk that enables you to speak, holding your stomach in, shoulders back, head held high, arms swinging.



Trainers are ideal for this type of activity, if your chosen terrain is rugged and muddy, consider investing in a pair of hiking shoes:

Like the Salomon X Ultra 3 Prime, £85.00

Or look at the range from Millets of varying priced walking shoes https://www.millets.co.uk/footwear/womens-footwear/walking-shoes/ just make sure you are comfy.

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