Vaginal Rejuvenation – Improving Vagina Health Post Menopause

There has been a rise in popularity in women having surgeries to improve the appearance of their vagina. From Vaginoplastry to Hymenoplasty, there are so many ways women can get their perfect ‘designer vagina’. As more and more of us are finding ourselves dating in midlife, the changes down there can make us self-conscious and unsexy. It’s just another part of our body that shows our age!

As well as changes to the appearance, many of us also experience a lot of health issues. Our vagina’s go through a lot, from childbirth to menopause, or just the effects of ageing. It’s inevitable that there will be issues related to that part of our body. These can include:

  • Looser vaginal tissue
  • Damage to the pelvic floor leading to urinary incontinence and lack of bladder control (half of women over 50 reports this)
  • Vaginal dryness (a common problem at 58% of women post-menopause)
  • Painful intercourse
  • Reduced or non-existent sex drive
  • Low sensitivity when it comes to sex, making it harder to feel (76% of us experience this in our lifetimes!)
  • Increase in infections like Urinary Tract Infections and Thrust

So many of these issues we just put up with as we age and think its part of the process. However, these issues can make our day to day lives more difficult and leave us unconfident. We worry about laughing too hard or exercising because of the risk of leakage. We might be always wondering where the nearest toilet is just in case our bladder can’t hold it in. Vaginal dryness, painful intercourse and low sensitivity can have ramifications on our intimacy with our partner and affect our relationships. UTI’s are painful and debilitating. All of these things have a big effect on our lives!

Treatment for Vaginal Health

So what can we do about it? Luckily, technology means that we don’t need to go through surgery to improve our vaginal health. Radiofrequency therapy doesn’t require surgery, but instead applies heat to the vaginal tissue. The heat causes controlled damage to the tissue which then forces the tissue’s natural healing properties. It tightens the tissue, encourages the vagina to produce collagen, improved the blood supply to the area, and means it produces more natural vaginal fluid. It also tightens to tissue when it has sagged over time so it improves the appearance of the vagina. Overall, it makes your vagina healthier and stronger.

Women who have gone through the treatment report it as easy and painless, with no downtime afterwards. It only requires three sessions that are less than and hour, and many women have said they see results after just the first session and experience no discomfort.

The Mews Practice in Surrey offers vaginal rejuvenation with great results. Book a consultation to talk through your issues and how they can help!


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