Total Body Workout to Tone Muscle, Lose Weight and Feel Fit

The Covid 19 crisis has more of us working out in our homes than ever before, adapting our gym workouts to at home routines and buying equipment to enable strength training.

We’ve created this workout to help you get fit and toned. These exercises engage the whole body and help with balance and fitness. Do this workout for 20 minutes, three times a week, and combined with a healthy diet you will see results!

Total Body Workout 

1. Single Leg Bend, Touch High Knee

This exercise is good for your core, quad and glutes.
Stand on one leg and bend the standing leg. Touch the floor taking your other leg back.
For an easier version, touch the leg you are moving backwards onto the floor.

2. Press Up & Isometric Hold

This one is good for core, chest, shoulders and triceps.
Do a press up either on floor on a raised area. With your chest down and core engaged hold for 5-10 seconds . Repeat 10 times.


3. Single Leg Hip Bridge, with Tricep Press

Good for glutes, hamstring, core and triceps.
From a forward table top position, lift one leg.  Drop your hip to floor, squeeze your glutes and lift your hip.
For additional tricep work, bend your elbow.
For an easier option, try with both legs on the ground.


4. Forward Lunge with Single Arm Row

Good for quads, core, hamstring, glutes, bicep and rear deltoid.
Lunge forward, drop the opposite down arm towards your front foot. As you bring the leg up, bring your arm back under the elbow.


5. Walking Lunge with Over Head Hold

Good for shoulders, arms, core, glutes, quads and hamstring.

Step forward in lunge, keeping your arms up, keep looking forward and chest up.

6. Step Back and Twist

Good for obliques, core, back, glutes and hamstrings.
From standing position, push one leg back, and then bring your knee up and twist towards the high knee, engaging the sides.


7. Walk Out Side Plank

Good for arms, shoulders, chest, core, glutes, hamstrings, calfs and obliques.
From standing, put your hands on the floor and walk out to plank, keeping legs straight. Get into a plank and then do a side plank on both sides. Then walk back to standing and repeat.

8. Squat to Single Arm Row 

This is the complete body workout, if you only do one exercise do this 10-20 times.
From standing, squat down to plank. Bring arm up to chest, one arm at a time. Then move back up to squat, stand up and lift arms above your head and repeat.

Workout credit to Oliver Green PT


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