Top Tips From BBC Menopause Week

Have you woken up to the menopause this week?

Since the Kirsty Wark documentary back in 2017, the BBC is once again embracing the menopause. BBC Breakfast is discussing menopause this week, featuring a variety of news items in a bid to get more people to acknowledge and appreciate “the change.”

As part of the series, Radio 4’s women’s hour looks at nine tips to help you cope with the menopause. As well as a number of herbal therapies, including Evening Primrose Oil, Black Cohosh and Red Clover to help alleviate symptoms, the team also recommend vocalisation! By talking to your mum, your partner as well as raising awareness in the workplace, they believe its key that everybody tries to work together and support each other.

BBC – Nine tips to help you cope with the menopause

On BBC Breakfast, Dr Rosemary Leonard discusses tips for women going through the menopause, providing lots of reassuring information around the reduced risks of taking HRT.

You can also hear Prof Lesley Regan, President at the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists looking to make information easily accessible to empower women and help them cope with the transition. She pledges to make the NHS website the best site in the world for menopause information to offer a comprehensive resource, in one single place for this common and easily treatable issue.

BBC presenter Louise Minchin even shares her own journey with the menopause in this powerful piece making everyone aware of the symptoms, various treatments and resources available.

Menopause affects half the population. Bravo to the BBC for making everyone – every morning this week – more aware of the menopause.


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