Top 10 Podcasts We’ve Loved In 2018

We love listening to podcasts. Whether it’s while driving, out for a brisk walk, or just pottering around the house, podcasts are a great way to learn new things. They are also a way to make you feel understood when hearing about what others go through, stay connected with the world and open up our minds.

Here are 10 podcasts we have loved listening to in 2018 and tell us all about podcasts you love on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

Happy Place – Fearne Cotton

Fearne’s podcast, as the name suggests, aims to talk about all the things that made her happy. Whether its food, mental health or mindfulness, she speaks to various celebrities about their lives and what makes them happy. We loved Stephen Fry and Matt Haig’s episodes where they opened up on their mental health struggles, which is such an important issue to be discussed.

fearne cotton podcast
dr ranj chartterjee podcast

Feel Better, Live More – Dr Rangan Chatterjee 

Dr Ranjan Chatterjee, a GO with over 16 years experience, aims to simplify health with life-hacks and expert advice. He debunks common myths and gives you the tools to change how you eat, sleep, move and relax. One particular episode we love was Dr Danny Penman on mindfulness and meditation, with clinical trials proving its as good as medication for depression

Motivational Mash-ups

If you’re craving motivation to follow your dreams and be who you are, this is the podcast for you. This podcast motivates you with a mash-up of inspirational quotes from inspirational people.

The Food Medic – Dr Hazel Wallace

This podcast debunks all those nutrition myths, dietary rumours and training fads! Dr Hazel Wallace talks to experts on a variety of health subjects. It’s a great podcast for anyone who is into nutrition or how food can affect your health.

Mad World – Bryony Gordon

Bryony Gordon is well known for being outspoken about mental health, and her podcasts Mad World are no exception! In it, she talks to various celebrities about their journey with their own mental health. Her first episode had Prince Harry opening up about how he didn’t allow himself to grieve his mother’s death for so many years that it had a profoundly negative effect on his mental health.

Triyoga Talks – Genny Wilkinson

Triyoga teacher Genny Wilkinson interviews well-respected yoga teachers from around the world. For anyone into Yoga, this is a must listen as she talks the ethics of yoga, the power of contemplation and practical advice to help you improve your own yoga practice.

The Minimalists

Minimalism is seen by many to just be about getting rid of excess stuff in your house. Although this is part of it, Joshua and Ryan’s brilliant podcasts discuss more than that, focusing on making room for more meaningful things in your life. Listen to it for great times on how to simplify your life as they answer questions about minimalism. Episodes 148 is a particularly good listen as they discuss moving forward from a long-term relationship including forgiveness, remaining friends with your partner, and ridding yourself of the remnants of bad relationships.

Ted Talks Health

It’s likely you have heard of Ted Talks, in which experts talk share knowledge on a variety of subject to help the world improve and people expand their mind. Ted Talks Health zeroes in on medical headlines, health habits and groundbreaking research. No matter what your interest, these podcasts are bound to have something that interests you – whether its brain health, DNA, food, diet or the effect of drugs and alcohol.

The Guilty Feminist – Deborah Frances White

In the guilty feminist, comedian Deborah Frances White discusses feminist topics with a range of guests whilst also admitting to their own insecurities and fears. This podcast is hilarious and perfect for anyone who feels like a bad feminist for obsessing over their wobbly bits! Every episode starts with a confession like, “I’m a feminist, but I also really, really want to look good sitting down naked.” One particular episode we loved with Getting Older with guest Jenny Éclair where she discusses feeling good as you get older.

Bucci Radio – Amanda Bucci

A lifestyle entrepreneur, Amanda Bucci podcasts is for anyone who is looking to find yourself. With her guests, she discusses anything from fitness to education. This is a great podcast for anyone wanting to feel their soul, with topics from creating a better life, to saying yes to new adventures.

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