Top 10 Interesting Dates To Try For Over 50s

Had enough of the mundane dinner dates and drinks? Make your next date a little more adventurous, whether you’re looking for fun with your partner or a silver single looking for a new romance.

If it’s the latter, these ideas usually work best later down the line, after the ice is broken and you’re comfortable with each other. We would usually recommend through an initial date of perhaps a coffee, walk in the park, or drink just to test if you’re compatible with each other.

No one wants their time and money wasted and things could get a little awkward after making the unfortunate discovery you’re a complete mismatch after booking a couples floristry course and you’re now having to work on a flower arrangement together for the next hour and a half.

Here are our recommendations for some interesting dates to try!

1. Borrow a dog

An image of a smiling dog looking at the camera.

If you share a mutual love for dogs, why not borrow one for a few hours? A furry companion is a brilliant addition to a hike or a walk in the park. It adds another dimension to the date and makes it much more interesting. Use Borrowmydoggy to connect with dog owners in the local area.

2. Rent bikes

An image of a rented red bike in the street.

Image credit: Dakota Corbin

Find a bucolic spot to cycle through, enjoy nature and the fresh air and have a picnic at the end.

3. Go to a vineyard

An image of grapevines at a vineyard.

Visitor a vineyard, go on a tour and wander through the grapevines before a tasting session for two.

4. Try a teppanyaki restaurant

An image of a chef cooking at a a teppanyaki restaurant

Add a bit of fire to your dinner date. It makes the bland old dinner date a little more interesting when a master chef is skillfully slicing your food in front of you. Another benefit is you’re sitting next to each other rather than opposite each other which is much more informal and relaxed.

5. Go to a jazz club

A black and white image of trumpet player performing in a jazz band.

Have a sophisticated night, get dressed up and listen to live jazz and drink fancy cocktails.

6. Go to a gig

An image of a crowd cheering a bland playing at a live music gig.

A gig is a great place to go for a date. There’s less stress on you both for creating interesting conversation, and there’ll be no awkward silences. You can both simply relax, have a drink and enjoy the music.

7. Take flight in a hot air balloon

An image of a hot air balloon looking over beautiful valleys.

Credit: Andrea Enriquez Cusino

Have a romantic hot air balloon ride and top it off with champagne to enjoy while 3,000ft in the air.

8. Go to a cabaret club

An image of a cabaret dancer backstage.

Make drinks a little more interesting, with a night of alternative entertainment to make your evening memorable.

9. Try a couples pottery lesson

An image of a woman working clay on a potters wheel in a couples pottery class.

Take inspiration from Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore and give pottery a go. Learning something new and partaking in an engaging activity makes a date a lot more likely to be memorable, so if pottery isn’t your thing, try painting, cooking or floristry.

10. Explore somewhere new

An out of focus image of a new street.

Find a place you both haven’t been to, whether it be a new town, landmark or just a beautiful place you’ve heard about, spend the day exploring without any pre-arranged plans, be spontaneous and see what happens.

Add a bit of creativity to your dates and do something unconventional, the extra effort and thought will always be well-received and the date will be much more memorable.

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