8 Tips For A Stress Free Christmas

Christmas is coming, but for some people, the thought of the season can give you more heart palpitations and panic attacks than the Christmas spirit. We want to remind you not to stress too much trying to make Christmas perfect – it’s the season to have fun and enjoy yourself after all! Here are our tips for making it a joyful and peaceful time of year.

Don’t Get Yourself Into Debt!

It can be easy to feel like we have to pay out loads of money just to show people how much we love them. Remember, sometimes a thoughtful gift that can mean more than an expensive one. Make sure you cut down on that gift list too. Just because you’ve always bought a present from Sandra who lives down the road, doesn’t mean you always have to. There’s no point ending up in your overdraft over people you see once in a blue moon.

Wrap As You Go

How many times have you been up at midnight on the fifth glass of sherry, bleary-eyed but still wrapping Christmas presents? Wrap as soon as you buy and you can avoid the extra hassle. Enjoy that sherry in front of a roaring fire with a good Christmas film instead!

You Don’t Have To Make Everything From Scratch

If you’re having a Christmas party, don’t feel like you need to cook 5 different things from scratch. Supermarket freezer departments are your friend. Isn’t it better to enjoy the party and not spend so much time in the kitchen that you barely know it’s happened? Take the pressure off!

Limit The Christmas Events

Limit your events to the ‘must do’s’ – like your kids Christmas play – and the things you really want to do. Life’s too short to spend it going to parties you feel like you have to go to, and talk to people you don’t really like.

Stay Home!

Leading on from the last point – sometimes its nice to curl up with a blanket and your loved ones and just enjoy this time of year together.

Don’t Visit Family If It Compromises With Your Mental Health

Your mental health is more important than putting yourself through the pain of visiting relatives who make you feel bad about yourself. Don’t let Christmas be the time of year that you let others treat you badly. Do what’s best for you.

Ask For Help

If you’re having a party, ask people to bring something with them. If you’re struggling to get everything done, get your family to help you. Remember you won’t win any awards for making yourself ill with stress, and there is no shame in asking for some help!

If Someone Comments On Your Weight, Eat Them!

Eat, drink, be merry and have a happy holiday season.


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