Tips From 9 Top Midlife Wellness Influencers For 2019

Instagram and social media are filled with inspiring women, on a mission to help you live a healthier happier life in 2019. I asked some of my friends to share their top tips for a healthier and happier midlife.

1. Lorraine Cladish

After losing it all in 2008 – marriage, work and savings – single mum Lorraine Cladish reinvented herself. After turning 50, she is now a successful author, journalist, mom, yogini and bilingual content creator.

Top tip:

“Always start and end the day with gratitude! Drink a glass of lukewarm water with a squeezed lemon when you wake up. Do some form of movement daily. Take time to unwind before bed.”

2. Tania Dalton

Tania Dalton has just turned 50 and is an Aussie personal trainer and adventurer who shares new ways to live a beautiful midlife with her 18k followers.

Top tip:

“Add more incidental exercise into your daily life and view movement as an opportunity not as an inconvenience.”

3. Suzi Grant, Alternative Ageing

Suzi Grant is a positive ageing nutritionist, blogger, broadcaster and author of Alternative Ageing with a passion for fashion.

Top tip:

Whether you’re retired or working life is so much more stressful than it used to be so I have found meditating every morning, as soon as I wake up, the most useful thing I have ever started! And it only takes 10 minutes that can really make a difference to your day. There are great apps around, such as Calm, that make meditating really easy.

4. Rachel Peru

Classic, Fashion, Commercial UK model Rachel Peru is embracing life with curves and creating a trail of inspiration.

Top tip:

“My tip would be to make sure you take time out of every day to do something you enjoy, just for yourself. Whether it’s going out for a walk or sitting with a cup of tea and reading a magazine. Take time out to be you”

5. Meri, Pro Age Style

Meri, an uber-chic over 60 influencer from New York who is creating a new age in ageing!

Top tip:

“My best tip is choose to age with positivity and possibility. Choose to live actively and continue to engage in life and your passions. Exercise your body and mind.  Equally important.”

6. Sara Palmer Hussey, LumityLife 

The pioneer and product developer, Sara Palmer Hussey has created health and beauty products, supplements and skincare including LumityLife which happens to also be her top tip.

Top tip:

“Lumity is my number one health tip as I’m so inconsistent with everything else. It’s an easy commitment I can keep to. When I was formulating Lumity, I was particularly mindful of the body’s circadian rhythm and the 2 very different modes of functioning the body has between day and night.

Night is essential for health as it is the phase in which the body concentrates on repair and regeneration. Lumity nighttime capsules harness this phase. Daytime is the active mode, which our daytime capsules boost while supporting protection/defence mechanisms.

Aside from the support Lumity provides, just being mindful of the body’s circadian rhythm would be my top tip. The body thrives on regular rhythms and cycles, so don’t eat or exercise when your body is going into repair mode. Try to keep to the windows of your circadian rhythm – digestion is strongest during the day. Sleep is not an optional. The more we understand about the processes that kick in during sleep, the more it needs to be viewed as a major health benefit and an anti ageing tool. The more we harness these repair processes, the more we can slow down the accumulation of damage which translates into ageing.”

7. Lucy B, Tea With Lucy

Tea with Lucy B was born out of a mid-life transformation. Her account shares how she became the “me who I should have always have been”. Menopause gave her the freedom to discover who she was and what she wanted.

Top tip:

“Top tip for 2019 is to STOP.  This is a well know acronym that we teach in Mindfulness 

S= Stop. 

T= Take a slow long breath. 

O = Observe the breath bring awareness to the sensations of your body whilst you breathe (eg is you belly rising and falling, what is at the bottom of your exhale)? 

P = Proceed, whilst keeping attention on your breathe as much as you can.” 

The STOP practice is a tool to use throughout your day especially in times of stress, frustration, anxiety, fatigue, overwhelm etc..’

8. Jo Moseley, Healthy Happy 50

Jo Moseley has been sharing the joys of tiny midlife adventures on film, events and Instagram. She is a great advocate for #2minutebeachclean, not surprising this is her tip!

Top tip:

“So – move your body in ways that bring you joy & confidence. Outdoors is fab and especially in the hills or sea. Not because you have to or to lose weight, but simply to bring you home to your laughter, your brave, your strength & home to you. Also, treat yourself to early nights as often as possible. Lavender on the pillow & phone outside the room!”

9. Louise Proddow, Rejuvage

The founder of Rejuvage has a passion for creating a healthier happier midlife for real women with real lives.

Top tip:

“Embrace the wellness journey and celebrate the small incremental changes that make you feel better inside and out. Don’t be too hard on yourself, this is real life we all have the odd cheat day, just get back on it, the key is to keep pushing yourself and introducing new healthy habits, fresh food, fresh air, be active, have plenty of hugs and rest”

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