This is Me: Two Dress Sizes Bigger – Claire from Midlife Mentors

We all do it sometimes…Don’t we? Look at someone and presume things.

Some may look at me as I am now and understandably think: “She’s naturally slim. It’s easy for her to stay in shape. She’s always been that way.” Well here we are. Me putting these photos out there… And I’m not remotely embarrassed to do so.

I’m proud. It reminds me of the mountains I’ve climbed to reach this healthy, happy, strong body. And what a journey it’s been. I mistreated it. I hated on it. I over fed my body with junk food and booze and then starved it of nourishment as a punishment. That cycle went on for YEARS.

So what changed?

Well….It wasn’t an epiphany. It was a slow evolving process. But I think along the way it was these 3 things that helped:

Firstly wanting to get well. The desire was there. So I never gave up. Every time I self sabotaged or moved back into old programming, I picked myself up and trudged on.

Secondly, I began to realise that to live here on Earth, is a gift. It’s beautiful thing. To exercise is an expression of my honouring of this life. I want to live a full, long, fulfilling existence. And so I MUST look after the home that takes me through the journey.

Finally, I began to forgive myself.  Heal the wounds. Reclaim my power.

Because I ALWAYS knew that one day I’d share my truth with others. To hopefully be a lighthouse for them when it was too dark for them to see clearly. So you see whatever presumptions you may have made please know this.

  • I do know how it feels to battle with food.
  • To see it as the enemy.
  • To hate what you see in the mirror.
  • To comfort eat your way through pain.
  • To feel so uncomfortable in your skin you make excuses to avoid social events.

We’re all on our own path with this complicated stuff but please know James and I are here for you. Showing you what’s possible and helping you remember…


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